Want to know about me? The Best of my

in life •  2 years ago 

Hello my dear friends, to update who I am, here I leave this post with some recent pictures... and I'll tell you about my...

Look into my eyes and you will discover the beauty of my Heart

Characteristics that describe me noble, caring and affectionate


Dreamy and enterprising,




Fun and risky... persist, resist and never desist...



Friend, mother, wife and daughter... with a great heart



God's time is perfect, with more time to dedicate to you, sharing the best of me, my life and what I like to do "sing". I'll show you my beautiful family.

I hope it is to your liking, approve with your vote and do not forget to comment... if you want to know more about me, review my blog, I will be sharing with you fun and enjoyable information.

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Bienvenida gemdi ;)

Gracias @Sarita un fuerte abrazo

gemdi sexy lips