my twins Sara y Roxbely

in life •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello world of Steemit, they that for everyone are exactly... for me are totally different. Yes, it's obvious I'm his mother... but if they detail well can find their differences physically, and personally are also very different... I commented briefly.

Roxbely is very smile, friendly, but misplaced with his sister, he pulls the hair, tries to bite when he takes away a toy, no longer eats soup (only the solid food) to chew, let's crawl, and to stop.


Sara also laughs a lot but not everyone, it is daring, talkative, attached to the breast, risky, and has been the first to balbusear, crawl, and walk... and takes steps... and share with her sister, she at Mealtime asks first the soup and the last solid. He eats a lot.


Both enjoy their company, play, sleep, and eat together.




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