There was a Time When Day, Night and the Working Hours was Decided by Sun and Moon!!

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Hi Guys! This post is after reading so many replies received for my earlier post!!

Because I felt - My breakfast time is somebody's resting time and my lunch is someone's breakfast!!


This happens so many times in our own home, when my son @firepower sits late for working. I generally sleep around 11 or 11. 30 during nights and when I get up fresh in the morning, he looks much tired, goes to bed, having worked for so many hours, during whole night!! 😘

Yes, There was a time without TV, Computers, Internet and Multi-media! My Grandpa's days...😊
There were not even mobile phones!! (Forget about the smart phones!)

So everyone used to get up early at the time of Sunrise!

They were working till evening and the time after Sunset, was considered as the time meant for Rest. May be during last 25 years, after the entry of mobile phones and computers in our lives, lifestyle slowly went on changing....

If someone is working for a US based company from India, then how can we expect them to sleep early during nights?

But my earlier post was for those who work in an office with some fixed timings and if there is no option to eat something in between till lunch time, then having a proper breakfast in the morning is a must!!.

If my day starts at 6 in the morning, someone's may start at 10, and some other one's may at 12 noon and so on....

When this happens, there is surely no need to worry about it. Please do see that you are eating atleast 3 times a day and you are not keeping your stomach empty for more than 12 hours, even when you go to sleep, that's all!!😘

And... Let your food be full of protein, minerals, vitamins and carbo hidrates, which can supply you all the nutrients you need for your own lifestyle!!

The above photos were taken using my smartphone Honor at Paradise Lagoon, beach resort..

With much love, @geetharao...

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Wonderful photographs thanks a lot for sharing.

that is very true because of an increasingly sophisticated world

maybe 25 years ago I didn't exist in this world.

What an era it was! Thank you for taking us back in those days.
Looks like this post is addressed to me as I don't follow any of those rules for my meals. My last meal was about 11 & half hours back, so I think I should go to sleep before it completes the 12 hours. At least, today I should honour one rule. Thank you for this post and good night!


Hi... Please eat something before going to bed. Because you must not keep your stomach empty for so long... :(


Thanks for your concern, taking my breakfast now :)

Actually, I don't feel empty stomach as I'm used to eat only one full meal a day ...most of the time. And since we don't eat after sunset, a gap of 14-15 hours is very common esp. in winters and for those who do not consume even water (I take water in the night too). So it's all normal to us.

In our culture here, people take one meal before they go to their work and one when they return from work. In between they may take a light snack or tea-break.

Hi,dear friend thanks for the good post.As you day starts from 6am as i have to go to school,so i always prepare" dal chawal and bhaji"often every morning.My physical condition was not good for some days before,so my appetite also was not good i could hardly eat a little bit .As i return home 3 pm, I cook my lunch again and have it.But now I am improving much ,so I every day try to maintain my health with proper diet.As I know proper breakfast is necessary for heathy living.Love and hugs to my good friend.


Love and hugs to you too, @maya7...
Take care of yourself. Your health is much important for your children too... :)

Yes ma'am, a balanced diet is a must and we should see we are not skipping meals :) The internet and smartphones have truly altered our lifestyle.

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