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in life •  6 months ago

Had to spend 10K INR, during last 4 days, to manage these Mischievous Guys!!

P. C. Pixabay

Hi my dear Friends, Surprised?? Today being a Saturday, (caturday) and why I am here with these mice, instead of my favorite Naama?

Yes!... During this week, I had to go for some maintenance work at the first floor of our house, where a group of these guys had made some havoc on the PVC false ceiling!! ... :)

To accommodate a huge pile of my Dad's paintings, I had constructed our first floor and to bring down the temperature there and to preserve his paintings, I had also opted for a false ceiling, (second ceiling), made with pvc sheets, which really looks great and beautiful like this.


But since last 3 to 4 years, a group of mice had made their home on this ceiling, which is beneath the actual ceiling, as they might have found this place much safe for their living!!

Though we had closed all the possible narrow gaps, somehow they still managed to come and stay there peacefully and because of this, the entire hall had a bad smell of these mouse family!.

So finally I decided to remove the entire thing, and to close the possible ways, from where they used to enter!...(Ventilator' gaps).

So that work went on well for 4 full days. 2 guys worked from morning till night, removed the entire ceiling, cleaned all the sheets, re-painted them and then fixed it again! Now I have to go for painting the walls.... :)

So, just to manage this mouse' family, I had to spend 10K INR in last four days!! Atleast I am happy now and could get a good sleep yesterday night, as somehow we managed to keep them away!!.

Our Naama is not yet trained to attack any mouse! He is still a kid and even if he sees a mouse he will start playing with it I think!!😜😂

Have you ever faced any such problems in your life so far? What is your opinion about pests?

Have a great weekend Guys, With much love, @geetharao...

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hope your problem is permanently resolved ma'am... rats can be a nuisance. nice GIFs :)


I hope so Sir @jznsamuel... :)

really 1oo percent right your opinion.i know your pets cat of naama yet very small and cute.rat is a big problem cause for any house people.because they always doing harm any furniture,books,vegetable and other thing.its a very small animal..but their work very harmfull any situation..i hope that you can very early doing this problem solution.i am doing using net trap using for rats died on my house.thanks to sharing for your great thought post..very well done..my dear friend.. @geetharao may god bless you.

the arrival of mice in our house is disturbing us. still, if there are cats in our house, rats don't come.

Hahaha you had so fun i think,have a great weekend.

So i think I've closed all gaps in my hostel room that could let any pest crawl in, but you have tho undying cockroach still creeping in. I sealed the gaps because of them and still i see them around.:(

Grow up Naama! When will you show your power? These rats are very mischievous. Geeta aunty is very disturbed to see these rats.


:) :) Ha ha ha...

Mice are the silent annihilator and as they got the suitable place at your home they did their work. Don't worry ma'am, they gifted you a good blog. I liked it, I mean your blog, not the mice's invasion.


;) :)...

We have established a mouse trap )

They get inside, do not die, and then you can release them in the field )

I hope they won't inconvenience you anymore, @geetharao


Hi @singa... Even I bought a box like this, but never used it with the fear that their tail may get trapped in it! Anyways now no worries. They will go searching some other place...

They say if u sprinkle black pepper powder, mice runs away, as they are allergic to it