It's Nature!... It's God's Creation!...

in life •  4 months ago

Hi Friends... It's already late and I was thinking of going to sleep. But then I just noticed this beautiful guy, a butterfly with beautiful shaded one in black color in our varanda when I was about to close the doors!!



This photo was taken in the dark with the fear that it might fly away if I switched on the light!
I took this photo using my smartphone Honor...

Maintaining a two storied house is really difficult at my age, because of my tennis elbow' right hand and arthritic knees, especially while repairing and repainting the house. Shifting the things from one room to another and then rearranging them is really a tough job.


So last month I chose to repaint my son's room. After three weeks, now today - my room... So that I can get a bit gap in between to rearrange the things properly and to give some rest for my hands and legs... :)

So I was too busy since yesterday and was thinking and searching for something to come along with, for this platform. Then just now I came across this guy!! So beautiful is the color and I liked the symmetry of design on both sides of it's wings!!...

After all it's God's Creation!! ....

Take care Guys... Good night..., @geetharao...

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wow,really very good shots capture you today.yeah,its right butterfly is a beautifull creation of god.because its part of our environment.always you pic up very perfect shots anything.its of course your big quality one of them.i am always appreciate your thought. because its my heart touching.thanks to sharing for your great extraordinary creativity dear friend..@geetharao may god bless you..

If I'm not mistaken I think that is a moth. Have you ever tried Physical Therapy for your tennis elbow and arthritic knees? Hope that will heal soon, and that is true you need rest so it won't worsen. God's Creation is really amazing I can't say anything about that.
Thank you for sharing with us that beautiful photo. Have a wonderful day!


Yes, @sgbonus.... I think it's a moth...

Wow, beautiful butterflies

Greetings mam!
Really you captured a beautiful butterfly. All the best... mam

Its beautiful @geetharao great idea to explore about it.

Beautiful color mam

very beautiful butterfly

A really great find. This moth is a moth from the Sphingidae family. You have photographed an oleander hawk-moth (Daphnis nerii).

Congratulations from @faltermann 🦋 🐛