Hi Friends... I am back again!! #Life

in life •  2 months ago

Hi my lovely Friends of Steemit.... Yes, I am back here on the platform, after a break of 2 days!.

Had to attend a wedding of our close relative's daughter(Brother-In Law's daughter) ...

Hope you are all doing great ....
Let me relax a bit....

Will come with a good blog, soon.....
Until then, just loading some pics of mine ....


Which were taken by my husband, using his smartphone, (Samsung) ... :)



With much love and regards, @geetharao...

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Wow,you are looking so beautiful dear.Thanks you come back again.

wow,reallly very fantastic photography of yourself..i am very happy you again come back only 2days after in this platform..you looking very pretty and gorgeous this orange colour sari wearing..i hope that you enjoy your good day of your closed relative daughter. all the best dear.i am waiting for your next post.have a great day..very well done..my dear friend.. @geetharao


All those who are saying that you'er not beautiful let me tell u guys that there is difference between being pretty and being beautiful being pretty just talks about your outer looks but being beautiful consists of both beauty as well has a beautiful heart...So you deserve it...Welcome again...Hopefully you will spend your good times with your family...Thank you.

You are looking very pretty in saree.


🙏 Looking great 👌@geetharao aunty ji... welcome back...🙏 hope you gonna share some wonderful moments from wedding👍

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beautiful​ dress! where about are you from?


Hi... I am from India.... You can refer my Intro post, if you have time... :)
#NamastefromIndia, I am @firepower's mom....

Aunty Namaste

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You are looking so beautiful madam,have a great day.

congratulations on living a new life, hopefully blessed with children and always successful.

Welcome .You are looking very beautiful in saree.

Hope you have enjoyed the wedding. Congratulations to the couple from me.

I am from India and i am really surprised and really happy that women are rising more faster than men.

As i can see you are of my mom's age nearly. I am very very happy to see you here in this kind of platform on internet. Because now a days guys revolve around Facebook and whatsapp in general. They waste their time on those kind of platforms very much. But again i am really happy that the moms are now a days are aware of the internet and some technology. And that is the best thing i am seeing when i see you here.

Thanks Geetha Aunty.


Hi @gauravgpt60..... Yes, I am from Mangalore, India. Writing was my passion since my childhood and my son @firepower made me join this platform last year ... :)

And... As you said... Yes, people are simply wasting their precious time in Facebook or WhatsApp or YouTube etc. But here we are getting paid for the whatever work we do... I got a good chance here to share my photography and writing skill...

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for the compliments...


ohh great @firepower is your son! I know him. I read his blogs regularly. He travels a lot. And he is really enjoying his life. You both are very blessed, Mom and Son both.

Good Luck!

Hi....didi ! Kaha se ho aap? Main west bengal se hu. Aapka blog bahut accha laga. Aise hi aur post daalte rahiye! Aapko follow kiya. Baat hote rahegi. Main v ek photography ka blog chalanraha hu ... Plz check kijiye ga! Thank u. Stay well and keep posting! 😎😄

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Awesome @geetharao great to see you in this dress.

Great indian culture.

I am glad to see you again @geetharao looking pretty.

Welcome back! Looking very cute and happy!

Welcome back madam. Hope you enjoyed the break.

congratulations and success I say for the marriage of his mother, @geetharao

You are so beautiful .Congratulation you...

Welcome back my friend

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