Happy Caturday to everyone... :)

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Hi Guys... Today is Saturday and for Cat lovers like me, it's a Caturday on this beautiful platform.!! :) :)


I found this cute kitty near the gate of a Supermarket. He was having a good afternoon nap lying on someone's Jacket,which was kept on a small table near the door there ...


When I touched his head slowly, at first he enjoyed. Then slowly he opened his eyes and stared at me like this!!. I felt as if he was asking me why I disturbed him... I could see his eyes so.... sleepy!!....



When I took 2-3 pics, again he went to sleep....!

So... We can assume that he is a sleepy Cat. Or this chill rainy day might have made him sleepy like this!!


Hope you liked these pictures, which were taken using my smartphone Honor.

Wishing you all a cool weekend, With much love, @geetharao...

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We recently added a new addition to our family after our 17 year old cat passed away...he's been a real delight....one of the grandkids stayed the night and is sleeping with him as we speak!



Hi @bobreedo.... He is so.....cute!!

Happy Caturday to you too! Say hello to the cutie please:)

hello bro i want to contact you so please msg me on telegram https://t.me/Jagsarathore

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Your cat is looking so cute! Happy caturday!! ✌

yea your cat is so so clean and beautiful

and really liked the pictures.
DId you edit them a bit ?

I had a too, but she's no more.

I am a cat lover and i love these posts too.

Happy caturday 👍👍👍👍

Though the origins are fuzzy, Caturday was spawned on one of the many *Chan image boards by the user Anonymous. On every Saturday, you post cats for lulz.

Very beautiful pictures of cat; you are a cat lover you can dare to touch an unknown cat, but me? no... I can't dare to touch.

So cute... Nice to see your love towards animal Mam,! Hope you are fine..


So cute... Nice to see
Your love towards animal
Mam,! Hope you are fine..

                 - mamu77

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Looks like this one is shy of Camera lol.

So lovely

Happy caturday @geetharao looking for new contests from you.

Lovely cats.

Awesome photographs,is this your cat.

Saturday to 🐈terday..
Weekend with a cat in the supermarket and super shopping.. super Saturday..

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