A Busy Day - Some of my Creations! #needlework

in life •  5 months ago

Hi Friends... Was much busy during last few days as there was some maintenance work going on in the first floor of our house.

Then today this is what I did... I made this Saree ready to wear, by stitching a Saree fall and a blouse!.

I have told in my earlier blogs that I never depend on a tailor and do all my stitching work myself... :).




Yes, Friends.... As you all know, we Indians always prefer to wear a Saree for the wedding occasions and there is a wedding of one of our close relative's daughter next week.

After joining steemit, most of my time goes into either writing blogs or in reading other's blogs, then upvoting and commenting etc. So today I thought of taking a break and sitting with my stitching work...

Actually this is not fully done today. Some hemming work is remaining yet, which I can continue with tomorrow...

With much love and regards, @geetharao...

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yes, after joining steemit most of the time goes to it, which we found earlier as leisure time.
It is very good to do all your work yourself. This is good and increase our mental ability on other works, those are not related to this work.
Good keep it up.

Awesome creativity nice to see indian culture.

Great! Enjoy the wedding function!

Geat work mam 👏👍

You are absolutely right ma'am, Indian women prefer to wear sarees in the occasion of Puja, marriage and this costume give them a gorgeous and prestigious look.

@geetharao I can only say, take care of your health in doing the work, thank you, friend

Such an amazing work mam.
The beautiful saree reveals all your efforts and hardworks which you have devoted to your work.

Its awesome you are amazing person with unlimited skills.

The colors are amazing, love the colors.....

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Hello my dear @geettharao, it’s so beautiful the design and the color!


Thank you so much my dear @creativewoman..

Cool lok)

Really nice looking work, it really needs a lot of focus and hardwork.

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very beautiful fabric