What People Fail To Admit

in life •  4 months ago

If you're waiting for the Government to solve your problems or meet your daily needs, you're deceiving yourselves. The vast majority of people erroneously think Government should take responsibility for everything that enters their mouths.


The truth is that, the masses can only enjoy the infrastructure provided by the Government which however may not be accessible to everyone. There's million ways the masses can help one another. This help we're talking about begins with individuals. If you want a positive change, you have have a positive attitude cum mentality.

An average citizen believes not in his or her own self. You need to have some level of trust in your capabilities and what you can offer people or do to change your immediate environments. The work of developing a nation is largely a function of our attitudes and commitment, transparency and responsibility. I want to implore us that we take up the challenge and let the change begin from us. May God bless our hustle. May God enrich our Nation.

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