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One of the best ways that the big guys who control this world have of controlling people is through fear. This is done in many ways some subtle, some not so much. The easiest of course is religion, this I know is very sensitive, because after all I believe a majority of people believe in religion, but let us just say that your religion is the true one (remember I am putting an example) that means that other people have created false religions to put the fear of God in everyone they can to make them more docile. Remember there can only be one true religion so all the others are just created for control through fear.

I have lived through a couple of the other types of fear the elites put on us, for example in the seventies and eighties the fear mongers were making sure everyone was afraid of the communist menace, in fact there was no menace here but hundreds of people were murdered because of being suspect of being communist, this included a friend of mine, these guys were tortured, murdered and then their bodies were just thrown in any vacant lot or hastily buried in rural areas, so we were then afraid of communists and afraid of being confused as being communists, the perfect environment the controllers want, people are left without the guts to complain.

Then we have been afraid, of AIDS, Cholera, Malaria, Dengue and now Corona virus, I am not saying these illnesses don't exist and they really are killers, but the elites use propaganda to make them look so much worse than they really are and instill in us a feeling of hopelessness. I remember during the AIDS uproar in the eighties we were told that by the year 2000 a huge percentage of our population would be infected and that there was no possible cure. That did away with whorehouses around here, which you might say is great, but it isn't so, the girls just worked the streets, which is worse because at least working in a brothel they were periodically checked for diseases.

And then there is the one we had after Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the US returned to the Northern triangle of Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras a huge number of young men who had become members of two street gangs and were immigrants from these countries. So these guys came with their ideas and criminal deals, by 2002 they were widely feared.

The President who was elected in 2001 had only that as his campaign theme ending the power of these gangs, this of course never happened they are just as powerful, if not more, now as they have ever been. In fact they are now accused of being in cahoots with government, police and military people involved in drug dealing.

But I want to tell you how fear works, in the early 2000's I was working for the largest company around here just in the main offices it had hundreds of employees. I can tell you the people who worked with me were so scared they would not even go out in the streets because they actually believed there were gang members on every street just waiting for you to come out and they would steal everything you had and also probably kill you.

I knew this to be false because I was, as the Brazilian Romario used to say, a night cat. I would go out and drink and just bum around all over town and I never had any problems with gangs in fact I never even saw somebody being molested by gangs. Yes, it was true they were rough and tough and criminals but they weren't just waiting for you, they were more into extortion. So I would ask some of the girls, just for fun, hey let's go out Friday and all of them would tell me I was crazy the gangs would kill us.

So that worked, the government actually did nothing but it did have journalists writing about the great fight that was being held against gangs and how they were winning it, all of this was crap, it was just a power play and they actually won it because people in their naivete believe anything they want to believe as far fetched as it can be.

And fear was again used in 2009 when the President was ousted in a coup because it was feared he was a communist. This was just crap, he was a lousy President, yes, that is all we have had but the only reason he was accused of being a communist was that he actually increased the minimum wage to a livable level, this just infuriated the moneyed elites and that was the end of his Presidency. These things backfire though, the people who backed the coup are now suffering the consequences with the government we now have.

You can be sure that fear is the best way to control people, it is like the herd syndrome, you are afraid and you pass on your fear to others and so forth until all you have is fear. And this is just what the controllers want.

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