Some ink Drawings of my left hand on a grocery bag for practice

in #life3 years ago (edited)

Hey steemit, here's some drawings I did on a grocery bag of my left hand for some late night practice from last night. I'd decided that I wanted to do something as a drawing exercise and hadn't tried drawing a hand or something from life in a while since I mostly draw from my imagination, so I worked on hands. I was holding up my left hand and drawing it with my right, which was a little difficult just because I was distracted and playing video games at the time so I had to move my hands all the time, but that didn't affect my drawing style to much since I don't rely heavily on references and use them more as idea guides

Let me know what you guys think please upvote if you like it and click on the banner to link to my blog and follow for more daily content

alt text


Nice hand studies @gavicrane, your artworks are really good!

thank you :)

Wicked sweet - video games :)

Always nice to see your lines, man. Thanks for sharing

i pride myself on my lines, thanks for noticing

You have a beautiful style.

thanks man, uv got some nice work

that is awesome - I'm new here.. so I assume you're right handed? loved those lines though!

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