Watch me doodle in my red sketchbook[HD timelapse video]

in #life3 years ago (edited)

Hey steemit, the other day I drew this Ruppah character in my sketchbook and really liked the way he was placed in the middle of the spread, but it also felt empty so I recorded myself filling in some spaces
I worked with a dry pentel brush pen, in my red Indian sketchbook

and spent around 3 hours total counting the first Character I drew
I was trying to draw pretty fast so it's not the most detailed drawing but I just wanted to get a sense of an epic dispute or argument that carried through space and time

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alt text


I really enjoy your videos! It's amazing to see everything unfold. And the red/black contrast is wicked cool.

Do you visualize a full page before you start, or do you jump in and let the scene evolve as you go?

depends on the drawing, this was pretty random