My doodling from last week's creative labs art night in baltimore

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So my friend Will Danklin hosted an art night last week in a space called the creative labs, and this is a drawing I did from it.

It was a pretty random drawing I just wanted to get some slower practice in where I draw more complicated than I usually do because of self imposed time restrictions.

I also noticed some people working on a 70+ artist collaboration in the corner

and couldn't help but work on a section of it that came out like this,

[My section was the one with an A in the middle]

but this was the first painting I've done in a year and the brushes and paint were shitty with no pallets knife or anything so it was pretty hard to control the paint, but I did my best.

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alt text


looks really cool, kim jung gi an inspiration to you? :D

Amazing artwork! Followed for more

Great work, again. I wish you had more exposal to your talent.
So: resteemed.