My 33rd Post ..... The Occult Numerology of 33

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There can be no doubt for those with eyes to see that numerology is a very important practice to the self declared leaders of our world. However I believe that many alternative researchers fall into a trap when researching numerology. The human mind will see pattern in everything if it looks hard enough, and unfortunately a lot of researchers get into the realms of very tenuous connections making almost any number they find bend to fit in with their already predetermined view. This is a great shame and to me discredits a lot of good intentioned research into this fascinating subject.  

If there is one number however, that unequivocally shows the Elites obsession with numerology , without room for doubt, then that number surely, is the number 33. 


Scottish Rite Freemasonry has 33 as its highest rank and has never been particularly cautious about displaying its reverence for the number. It features on the cover of Albert Pikes book Morals and Dogma, considered the seminal work of Freemasonry(Above). Pike became a controversial figure playing a major role in the creation of the Ku Klux Klan during the 19th Century. K is the 11th letter of the Alphabet with KKK being 3 times 11 , a hidden nod to the number 33. 

In numerology 33 is the ‘Master Number’ and is associated with teaching and spirituality. The number combines the dual aspect (as does 11) but also encompasses the trinity aspects of nature. It is a number revered throughout religions and occult practices alike.

33 in Belief Systems

33 in the Old Testament appears many times. Notably the name Elohim appears 33 times in the opening chapters of Genesis. King David was said to of ruled for 33 years and Jacob had 33 children with Leah. The 33rd time his name is mentioned he had the vision of the ladder to heaven and there is a rule in Judaism that after circumcision of her infant son a mother cannot enter the temple for 33 days. Jesus is said to have performed 33 miracles before his death at age 33. The Vatican recognises 33 Doctors of the Church and also in the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica has 33 chapels. The Anglican rosary has 33 beads and the Greek Orthodox prayer rope has 33 knots. Islamic prayer beads are usually 33 on a string. The name 'Amen' of the Egyptian Sun god said at the end of a christian prayer is actually 33 in numerology.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead has 33 heavens ruled by Indra and 33 ruled by Mara. In Zoroastrianism the world was created in 33 steps and in Buddhism Kuan Yin their goddess figure goes through 33 transformations. The worlds belief systems are saturated with 33 numerology far too much to list here but a very interesting subject for those wanting to study further.

The 33rd Parallel

The 33rd degree Parallel is the line of latitude 33 degrees north of the Equator. It passes through some of the worlds most interesting historical places and has also been a place where many major historical events have taken place. 

Charleston South Carolina is the original site of Scottish Freemasonry in the US and is situated on the 33 line, as was Tyre the Phoenician home of the legendary sacrificed figure of Freemasonry Hiram Abiff. On the subject of sacrifice many ‘Death Rows’ are situated along the line as was the “Trinity” test site for the first detonated atomic weapon and also the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the first atomic bombs were dropped on civilians by 33rd Degree Mason and 33rd President Harry Truman. 

Dallas Texas is also situated along this line where in 1963 on the 22nd day of the 11th month (33) President JFK was assassinated. JFK’s younger brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, about 1,245 miles east along the 33rd parallel. David Koresh leader of the cult known as the Branch Davidians was killed in Waco Texas near the 33rd parallel age 33.

33 in Science and Nature


Our measuring systems originate from France a country well known for its ties to freemasonry. 13 inches is exactly equal to 33 centimetres. York Rite Freemasonry has 13 Degrees equal to Scottish Rites 33. Coincidence? How about Isaac Newtons temperature scale in which water boiled at the 33rd degree? Even in the Fahrenheit scale 33 degrees is the point where Ice melts into water, signifying the change of consciousness at the enlightened degree. The human spine contains 33 vertebrae and DNA has 33 turns in a complete sequence. Nasa an organisation full of Freemasonic symbolism named its runway, Runway 33.

33 in Entertainment

The Simpsons cartoon has appeared to predict many upcoming events and many believe there is a type of predictive programming taking place. What seems in little doubt is that The Simpsons writers are aware of numerology. In episode 33 entitled War of the Simpsons broadcast in 1991 Homer takes on a legendary catfish named “Sherman”. S-H-E-R-M-A-N is 33 in Pythagorean numerology and so too is S-I-M-P-S-O-N. Simply take the number of the Alphabet each letter corresponds to and if its double digit add both together. So for instance ‘M’ is the 13th letter in the alphabet 1+3 = 4. Try it. If we needed further proof above is a still from the same episode. 

Walt Disney was a very well known occultist and Freemason. At DisneyLand Florida there is a very exclusive and mysterious club known as “Club 33”. It has invite only membership, a 14 year waiting list and a $100,000 joining fee. Disneyland is also situated on the 33rd parallel. 

MGM otherwise known as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor is another iconic Hollywood studio that is full of masonic and Occult symbology. The lion being the most obvious but there is also alot of hidden symbology in the name itself (below)

33 and the Law of Correspondence


The law of correspondence is better known as the adage ‘As Above, So Below’. There are many aspects of 33 in this principal with 3 points facing up representing male energy and 3 points facing down representing female energy. When symbolised together we again have the union of spirit that 33 represents.. We can see this principal in the Masonic square and Compass or in the Seal of Solomon on the flag of Israel. 

Solomon means sun and moon and represents these male/female aspects combining. Israel itself is a 3 or trinity aspect with the name being made up of Is-Isis, Ra (male sun god) and El from the Jewish God El or Elohim.  The United Nations flag also hides a 33 with 33 sections. The blue colour on both these flags could well represent the Blue Lodge with this colour associated very much with the craft.

So there are just a few examples of how revered and occulted the master number is in the worlds institutions and belief systems and even in nature itself. There is so much more to this subject but I think I've presented enough examples for one post. Numerology really is an important part of the hidden hand thats controlling society from behind the visible faces of politics and industry, therefore the more we can learn about their methods the more chance we can have of changing things for the better. My 33rd post 🙏🏻



This is a super interesting post thanks!

Thanks for the support, not many occult or numerology posts on Steemit so Im trying break new ground 🙏🏻

Which type of Numerology we have to use? Chaldean or anything else?

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