Seven Habits of High performance People

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  Look at the top people on top, and you will notice the money they make per post is jaw dropping. Why? The answer is simple; they are good at what they do. They are world class high performance people with the correct habits to allow for success. Of course, there are many other habits needed to be successful. The list goes on and on, in fact I could write a book just on the subject of correct habits that is required.     

  Below I have gathered seven habits that are the most important, and anyone who wants to be successful will need all of these habits and more. Not one or two, but all seven. If you install a couple of habits and ignore the others than you are just half assing around. Don’t waste my time, or yours, or anybody else’s. If you want to be successful in a certain field it is a life changing event, and it must become apart of your life. You are either all in or not, because halfway just isn’t good enough. 

 The Habits 


  Installing the correct mindset is a must. Negative thoughts will never get you anywhere. Believe in your abilities. Believe that if you keep doing and performing success will be found. The power of optimism is the most powerful force in the universe. 

No Excuses

  If you play the blame game then just turn around and quit. If your life sucks or isn’t going in the direction you want it to go, it is your fault, not mine, or your boss, or the wealthy. Stop blaming and wake up and smell the coffee. The choices you made in past is what lead you to the point of life you are in now. You have the power of choice. You can’t change the past or the present, but you can guide your future in the direction you want it to go. Remember, success has a different meaning for everyone and whatever your definition of success is start making the right choices that will guide you in that direction. Stop blaming. They who blame have all the shame.   

Manage Emotions  

  Take a look at high performance people and study their habits you will find that most have mastered the art of managing emotions. Understand the most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with ourselves, and it is govern by emotions. It is important to perceive, reason, and understand who you are to better manage your emotional output. Never lead with emotions, especially in investing and business. It is Stupid, a guarantee way to lose your money or fail. To have success and wealth one must be a leader and in control of their life. Those without emotional control money and success will leave their grasp and disappear and find its way in the hands that has control over their emotions. Understand money and wealth loves stability. People who lead with emotion often have no wealth because they spend and judge their money using their emotional output and not with the brain. Therefore, develop a set of skills to manage emotions. Be a leader and take control of your life. 


  Stay active. It is good for the mind and soul. By staying active it puts your brain in a creative mode and allows it to be in a state of euphoria. Nothing can or will be done or created without action. By staying active you are always in a state of taking action and stuff gets done. It diminishes fears and increases your risk tolerance. All High Performance people are active and always in the state of creation.   


  Be strong and never give up. The word QUIT should not exist in your vocabulary. In the beginning of any endeavor it will be hard. It will test your mind and body. Challenge and make you question who you are. The road is long and bumpy; full of potholes, but you must be strong and not give into the pressure. Life will test you. People will test you and treat you like a bag of trash, and think you are crazy, saying stuff like, you can’t do that, get real and find a real job. And things will happen that you didn’t expect, and that is when the resilience comes into play. You must the ability to bounce back and recover. Remember the definition to resilience is toughness. Be tough, proud, and stand like a rock. 

Time management

  Stop wasting time. The time to do it is NOW. If you have ideas write it down as soon as possible. One of the worst things to slow the growth of wealth is procrastination. Wasting time takes away the most valuable asset we have and that is time. Stop wasting time. You will not get extra minutes added to your life. Each second that passes is a second taken from your lifespan. Study time management. Create a schedule and live by it.      

Always Looking for Self Improvement

Always look for ways to improve your well being. Napoleon Hill in his book, Think & Grow Rich, goes in great detail in ways of self improvement, and in the book there is a self-Analysis Test I highly recommend. Once a month I will print off a copy of the test, and do a self-evaluation. I have found by always searching ways for self improvement my life has change dramatically. Do this. Look for ways to self improve. We all want to live better lives, and we have the power to do so.   


Habits control our lives. Some realize it and use it to their advantage and some never do. To be High performance there is certain habits that is required. High performance people understand that success is a habit, and if you are not willing to show dedication and pursue wealth as a habit it is a waste of time. Each day we must live and perform correct habits to ensure our success. So, go my friend, and live in the world of success and make it a habit, and success and wealth will gather and multiply for you.

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