Want to have a better love life?

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  1. If you are looking for love, do not look for one way only

Most people who are looking for a partner rely on one way of searching and if they do not find anyone disappointed. If you are single and want to change, expand your horizons. Try out all the ways you can find a partner as well as multiple apps. Go to the company, sign up for a course or interest circle, do not go home. When you are in public, do not look eternally on your phone - even in shops, shopping centers, restaurants are born partnerships. Learn how to communicate and establish contacts.

2 . Remove the electronics from the bedroom

Do not spoil the romance of your relationship by putting your mobile in bed in the evening. Likewise, you should have your mobile turned off during a meeting - just so you'll have the guarantee that you spend your full time together. There is nothing worse than spending a night together, walking, having dinner, or even making a love for your love act, and then ringing your phone or an SMS that changes your setting, disturbs you or breaks you off from a pleasant moment. If you do not want to or can not turn off the phone, put it at least in the next room.

3 . Make your sex pleasure a priority

Focus more on the foreplay and communication about your ideas and desires. Do not be afraid to talk or show your partner what you are doing well or try new things. Pamela Supple says that women often avoid having to talk about their own pleasure and the way to sleep in the bedroom: "A sexual encounter should be a tasty meal. Start with your appetizer and champagne. When you go further, choose the most delicious, whatever you want and enjoy every minute. "

4 . Show your partner that you love him to attract you

Love games are important for every relationship, but it is also very important to show off emotions outside of the sex. Kisses, hugs, touchs, enjoyable common moments, long walks, spontaneous smiles will help you feel better and more confident in your relationship.

5 . Train, eat and spit well

Health status, good sleep and nutritious food are also important for great sex life. Think of your own body and what you deserve, then your love life will also automatically improve. As a result of exercise, quality food and sleep, relaxation of hormones will affect your reciprocity, libido, health and overall happiness.

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