Invest into Your Own Education!

in life •  11 months ago

Education doesn't just mean "formal education " acquiring pieces of paper called " degrees, diplomas or certificates".

Yes, whilst that maybe one of the many ways to get educated, however not at all restricted to.

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With information so freely available on the Internet, one can easily find enough and more information to educate themselves.

Do voluntary work in your field of passion to gain more knowledge is another way to be educated.

Get a mentor or mentors to learn from them which you may otherwise not get access to. That experience and wisdom to obtain is priceless.

Read good books on your topic of interest. With kindle you can easily get any book quite easily and also very affordable.

And the list goes on and on...

Investment into your own education is the only security one has in this century and hence its real smart to do so.

As many mentors have all said the same, "20% of your earnings every year should be reinvested back into your own education."

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Learn something new everyday, a good motto and you have listed some great ideas @futureentech

"It takes 10000 hours to master a skill" forgot where the quote came from though ;-)