Introducing an interesting musical instrument: The Innersound Handpan!

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Today I visited the art market at the Mexikoplatz in Berlin-Zehlendorf together with my mother @jeannart and we met some interesting people there, such as this guy here, playing with a so called Innersound Handpan since already 2013:


His name is Michael Seidler and he is also blogging about his experience with the Handpan instrument. This is the link to this blog:


In this article I want to introduce the interesting music intrument "Innersound Handpan" to you:

Every touch makes a sound. Not only on the sound fields directly, but also in between, on the back and above the Gu you can create sounds that can be included in the game.

Every tuner has its own "handwriting". This means, that the tone may be exactly the same in pitch, but the timbre, this means the sound, may be different.


The Innersound team is creating these Handpan instruments since 2008 and they also have a show room in Berlin Tempelhof.

Here you can find their German website:


We are also invited to visit the manufacturer factory for watching the manufacturing process and I think this would be very interesting to record as a video for my blog here.


Here you can also watch some videos where people are playing this instrument:


Greetings from Berlin everyone and hear you!

Jonas - @future24


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So great an instrument

An interesting instrument sir ji.
We call it Manjeera in local language.
Used for Nautanki singing and drama