Vlog #36: At the next nostalgic place of my childhood - Real Life Story!

in life •  3 months ago

In this new Vlog (video blog) I arrived at the next "historical" & nostalgic place of my childhood with cool memories at the Sand Hills in Berlin Heiligensee in the district Reinickendorf.

At this place we made a lot of parties with smaller and sometimes very big groups of friends with over 20 people.

Sometimes we also just relaxed in a small group for grilling a little bit together. This place is perfect for enjoying a great time together outside in the nature and it seems like other people still doing it like we in the past... Just click on the thumbnail picture above to watch the video.

Greetings from Germany and hear you!

Jonas - @future24

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We always remember childhood places and revisit them at a later age.


Yes it´s really cool to visit them after years.
Today I also visited some places of my mothers childhood together with her and it was great too.
Greetings from Germany!

Why do not you try in Bollywood future 24 sir.
Awesome look.ha ha