Because Attitude Matters!

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As someone has rightly put- “Positive attitude helps us to attain new heights. Negative attitude catalysis self destruction”. To talk more on attitude lets discuss the famous biblical story of David and Goliath: Goliath was a muscular giant. Everyone feared from his presence. Once a young man came to visit his brother. The man asked his brother why he doesn’t fight that giant. His brother replied that he is too big to hit. “What? Too big to hit? Why can’t you see that he is too big to miss?” replied the young man David.

We all know the climax of the story. David beat the Goliath in fight.

Benefits of Positive Attitude:

1) Productivity Increases Not just of you but of the surrounded people too.

2) It fulfils life and makes it meaningful.

3) Energizes and invigorate oneself.

4) Helps us make better decisions.

5) Reduces stress.

In other words, it makes our life happy and healthy.

Effects of Negative Attitude:

Negative attitude makes it hard to maintain relationships, friendships, marriages etc. Negative attitude breeds

1) Weak Health (mainly mentally).

2) Stressful life.

3) Unproductivity and effectiveness decreases.

4) Frustration with self.

Negative attitude creates unpleasant environment around the people you surround. Negative attitude makes the person liability instead of an asset to any organization or the society he works for. Even if people know about their negative attitude, why don’t they change it? As humans, we resist changes. It’s not easy to come out of comfort zone and work towards change. We see change as a stressful activity and rather prefer to live with whatever negative attitude we have.

It’s time we should change our negative attitude. Negative attitude binds. It’s time to break shackles and live a free and wonderful life. Now the important question is - How to bring changes in our attitude? How to build a positive attitude?

I will be discussing deep on these question in my next blog. Till then take care



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Attitude is everything.

Positive attitude matters and will make you a leader.

Very well presented man. Keep it up. Love the post.


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