Get An Insight For Your Dream

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In the journey of fulfilment of dreams and vision, the more we are able to see, the farer we go.

A man that can't see beyond his present position will find it difficult to make use of opportunities when they cross his part.


A person with great dream or vision learns from their experiences and the experiences of others. They also seek out counsellors to help them and guide them on how to fulfil their dreams and vision.


In the pursuit of dreams, there are some that had gone far ahead of us, some that had pass through the same route we are passing through, some that have make wave already.
There is always need to seek counsel from them in order to put us through the right steps to take in such areas.

There is need for counsellors that will help in the pursuit of one's dream, but it is wisdom to choose wisely because is not everybody that had gone ahead that really follow the right channels.


There was a story of a young man called "Charlie Brown".
One day, Charlie Brown held up his hand and said to his friend Lucy "These are the hands which may someday do marvelous works! they may build mighty bridges or heal the sick or write soul-stirring novels".

Lucy looks at Charlie's hands and simply says, "they've got jelly on them". With all efforts that Charlie made to make Lucy realize what he's seeing, Lucy did not see the bright future and destiny Charlie Brown saw of himself.


Be selective, don't seek counsel from people who will see jelly in your hands rather than seeing the brighter future that you are seeing through your big heart. Talk to the people who know and care about you and the fulfilment of your dream and vision.

There are always things that might want to discourage you on the path,there might be people that will never believe in what you believe and what you are seeing.

You owns your dream and the choice and all what it requires to bring it to fulfilment depends on you.

Choose your counsellor right.


Regards @funkylove



I really do believe that vision is an important component for fulfillment of dream!

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