A Long Goodbye

in life •  3 months ago


Sometimes, goodbyes go long...and that is wonderful. As we were finishing up packing and loading the RV, we got a visit from @borrowedearth.

A few years ago I was walking through Wal-Mart in our small town. I saw my wife (or so I thought) infront of the produce area. I came up from behind and almost smacked her right on the butt....good thing I thought twice...it was not my wife haha.

There are only a few people with dreadlocks where we live, and she looked just like Stacie D. We have been friends since that moment. We have gotten to know her and her husband, and even helped them build their house.

Though we are leaving, and there miles between is now, I am glad we all took timw for a long goodbye. Be well.

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You're starting to look jacked dude! Good for you man


We're driving, and he wanted to say thank you! And now I want to say thank you...how am I supposed to fit him into the RV with his inflated ego now? 😂


Lol an excellent problem to have ;)

I completely understand you because my best friend since I have 5 years old is going to move to another country next week! And I feel very sad! But people who love you don't need to be close to you to keep giving their friendship and love..


Safe travels!! Looking forward to your updates!


Thank you! I'm excited to make new posts!