Where to Start When Nothing Feels Going Right in Life?

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Are you having a bad day? Are you feeling off for some reason? Are you stuck like you feel you can never get out of all this? Well, having a bad mood day and feels off can happen to you from time to time, and there is no doubt in it. It is natural human cycle. You cannot always be happy. You have to face both good and bad in life to get it go.

However, there is a problem if you continue to feel bad for a longer duration like say for weeks, months, or even years. Under these longer stretches, it's natural for you to feel unmotivated, hopeless, or lost. And it's gets difficult for you to cope up with the situation and move ahead in life.

It's hard for you to understand what's going on in your life and even explain that to others, even to your loved ones, to the people who are near and dear to you. And obviously how you'll explain to others when you yourself are completely unaware with what is going on in your life.


So, if you are one person stuck in any of the rut in your life for which you feel you can never get out of, here are some tips and strategies to help you out and give you answers on how to handle and try to come out of the problems gracefully:

1. Move Into Simply Being

It may sound odd to you but there comes times when it’s better for you to just stop doing, relax, take a deep breath, let it be, and move into simply being. Because this is how things work at times. You have to just go with the flow and, observe things, around you, how it is all happening, and learn to find ways to get through it all.

Remember that when bad times comes, shouting and getting into panic help no way. Instead you have to embrace things as it is and work quietly and in silence to make things better for you and get what you want. You also do not have to fight with anybody. You may even have to face all the judgements and win over all arguments. Here, winning over arguments do not mean you have to prove your point to anybody. It simply means explaining your point and moving away if the other person doesn’t want to understand it, for time will do it for you!

So, when bad times hit hard, don’t rush, just calm down, work hard, relax, believe, let it be, and move ahead. Miracles happen and for you also it will happen!


2. Move Into the Thoughts of Happiness, Success, And Positivity

If you want to make your life flow easily and take a step ahead towards a better tomorrow, it is essential for you to first get yourself in the feelings of positive thoughts, motivation, happiness, and success. You are yourself 100% responsible for starting your day well, being energetic, meaningful, and productive the entire day.

So, it’s time for you to run away from any thought that doesn’t feel good or that makes you forget of your already blessings in life. Sleep well, do good, think good, and give your life a 180 degree positive turn free from all the panic and anxieties in life. Learn to embrace things and work hard to make things better! And also believe, you'll get it all. No doubt, you'll get it all!


3. Give Yourself Credit

Often, amidst, the most toughest times in life, you forget to give yourself credit. You even start thinking that whatever bad is happening, is happening because of you. Here, you must realize that blaming yourself is no good idea. Whatever that is happening is the need of an hour and you have nothing to do with it.

Also you have to remember that whatever that is happening is for something good and you don’t have to have a immediate reaction to the situation. You just have to move ahead working hard and believing that good times are on the way. You never always remain in any of the life struggle. You come out of it, obviously! So, keep your fears aside and focus on positive more.

You got out of your bed today and even that’s a start. You did something today. Similarly, you can also concentrate more on things that you can do. Nothing is impossible!


At your most toughest times in life where you feel like nothing is going right and it's hard difficult for you to come out of it all, those are the times that test you the most in life, the real you. You have to stand firm and fight with everything without any panic and with all the grace and confidence. But just don't stop moving ahead. Sooner or later, you'll get it all! No doubt, you'll get it all!

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3


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