Signs You Are A Mentally Strong Person..!!

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Are you stuck at a point in life where you are feeling like God is continually testing your mental strength? Are you struggling with relationship failures, constant put-downs by other people, less manageable finances, difficulty explaining yourself, and your self-worth to people through words, deeds, and even actions?

Are you just stuck right now and don’t know how you’ll get over it all and come out to be better? Times are hard, I know. But, no matter how hard the challenge is, and how deeply you feel stuck, there is only one choice with you – and that is being strong.

It may sound complicated to you at the moment, and it indeed is, but you have to bring back together all the broken pieces of your life no matter step by step and gradually. The decision to break the mold and transform your life for the best requires that dare, courage, grit. And it only comes to you if you are a mentally bold person.

Mentally bold people are some distinct from the crowd, sees opportunities in problems, and find the ray of light in even the most unbearable and end-of-the-world situations. Their patience, hard work, control over emotions, faith, prayers, willingness to improve is what encourages them to move ahead and never give up in life.

When hard times hit, they suffer, just as much as everyone else, it’s just that they change their outlook towards life and understand that life’s most valuable lessons come with most challenging times.

Developing mental strength is all about regularly doing things that no one else does or is even willing to do. So, if you are doing these following things regularly, it’s a sign that you are a mentally bold person and can deal with whatever life throws at you – fair or unpleasant.

1. You practice gratitude

Mentally strong people count on the blessings in their life, rather than the burdens or what they do not have. They don’t waste their time and energy thinking about the problem. Instead, they focus on what they can do to correct it.

2. You feel accountable for your mistakes

Mentally strong people don’t blame other people for their mistakes and shortcomings. They take full responsibility for their actions, words, and deeds. They acknowledge their failures and what they did wrong. They move ahead to correct it and never let other people take advantage of their bad times and put them down.

Though excuses are an option, by holding themselves accountable, they show that they care more about their future, and results, more than their ego or image.

3. You set aside time to be alone

Mentally strong people need a lot of alone time to function properly and get their life on track. So, they create opportunities to be alone with their future goals, thoughts, reflect on past mistakes, and progress. Though the lack of activity with the world for a while may seem uncomfortable to them, they acknowledge that quality self-time is essential to building quality life.

4. You don’t compare yourself to others

Mentally strong people are very cautious about how they use their energy and time, and they also know that it’s pointless to worry about what others are doing. They mind their own business, never interfere in the lives of others, or compare themselves with others. They know that comparing themselves with others will help no way, and only hard work, determination, and patience will take them to what they want in life.

So, they work to their progress and be happy with other people’s accomplishments and appreciate every time they get a chance to. They know that feelings like resentment, hatred, jealousy are just pointless and exhausting, and of no use. They love everyone, and the goodness in them is often a win-win for everyone in the long run.

5. You don’t give up no matter what

Mentally strong people believe that no matter how hard the situation is, there is always, always a solution to any problem. They believe that the best things in life are worth waiting for, and most of the time, the miracles happen at the time when least expected. So, they never give up and move ahead with life no matter how rough the path is and how tired they feel at the time.

6. You see self-improvement as a priority

Mentally strong people are constantly willing to improve themselves. They refuse to give in to temporary indulges and instant gratification. Instead, they build long-term goals and work towards them continually for long term contentment and overall self-development.

7. You are kind

Mentally strong people rarely put others down. They know the importance of kindness and love in the world and hence leave no stone unturned to be a helping hand to someone in any possible way they can at any time. The moment they help someone, a sense of positive and vibrational energy runs deep down their soul that encourages them to help even more people.

The world appreciates their kindness as well as there are times when the whole world gets against them. No matter what, they get through all!

8. You keep your emotions in check

Mentally strong people are neither sad when life hits them hard nor are super happy when life takes a 180-degree turn for them. They remain neutral no matter what, enjoy stability in emotions, and can adjust to any situation or circumstance in life.

They don’t overreact or underreact to any situation. Whenever any situation comes in front of them, they take time to observe, react accordingly, and as appropriately as it can be.

9. You move on even if no one is with you

Mentally strong people have guts to move on with their life even if they find the whole world gets against them. It’s because they seek spiritualism in life by taking lessons from the hardest times in life. They conquer control of their soul and don’t worry about what other people think of them.

They move on, don’t clarify, and let other people misunderstand them. They know proving their point is of no use at the moment, and the truth will already come out when the time is right.

10. You stay true to your values

Mentally strong people never give up on their values and morals in life. Other people are jealous of their reputation and kindness in the world and constantly try to put them down. But no matter how hard the other world try to bring them down, no matter how the entire world gets against them even their parents, they continue on their journey with life, what they want to achieve, along with the journey of spreading kindness, happiness, and love in the world.

11. You are highly optimistic

Mentally strong people are far high in optimism. They think of the positive light on the situation first rather than reflecting on the negative light. And that’s the reason they look to long term success in life and never fear much.

12. You tolerate discomfort

Mentally strong people know that feeling discomfort at the present moment is okay and the only key to living a successful life in the long run. They give up on their present comfort, venture into unknown areas, acknowledge their weaknesses, face their fears, limitations, and past mistakes. They work to correct life, in required directions, they work in discomfort to be comfortable in the long run in life.

To Sum It Up

Jonathan Harnisch said it very right,
“The strongest people are not those who show strength
in front of the world but those who fight and win battles
others do not know anything about.”

Last But Not the Least

Mental strength is as uncommon as it is crucial. It’s brilliant if you are a mentally bold person. However, the best part is, even if you think you’re not, any of you can acquire it with a little more effort, patience, and focus.


Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3

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