Never Give Up, No Matter What..!!

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As I write this, I remember a famous quote by Thomas Edison,
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.
The most certain way to succeed is always to
try just one more time."

There come times in life where you feel shattered down, unaware of the fact with what's going on with your life. You get very heavy in heart, cry for no reason most of the time, lose confidence, and move to the bottom line of imagination. You get so lost and confused with the going scenarios in your life that you don't know how to hold on guts to move ahead and get through it all. Yes, it happens. It happens with everyone at some and the other point in life.

It happens. People reach a stage where they are almost at the edge of life. And among them, only those people win who keep going and never give up even at the strongest of defeats. Only those people win who sees opportunities in problems, who believes in hard work and power of prayers, who understands the importance of consistency and patience in life, people who are grounded, who help others, who never put anyone down in life or hurt others.

Only those people win who are not envious of the other successful people in life, who want to grow each day, who understands that success can't be achieved in one day, and one has to face constant failures to reach a stable height of success a day. Only those wins who conquer control of their mind and heart, who stays out of every negative thought, and hold strength to kick off every negative person from life.

And only those people win who keep calm, observe, try to understand it all, move ahead, work hard, and believe that one day they'll get it all! Yes, only those wins, who never give up, no matter what.


There was never any sense in giving up before nor there is any today. Life always goes on with never giving up. Once you make up your mind that you'll never give up no matter what, you then learn the art of living, how to tackle problems gracefully, and how to happily move ahead with life even with constant struggles. You learn the art of not waiting for a day to be happy and feel happy and positive all the time.

Yes, that's a little bit tricky, though, but if you try from all hearts, you do it. Gathering all the guts and emotions within you, you get it all. You keep going and learn the art of never giving up, and this way, ultimately, you get it all.

There are countless reasons why you must never give up in life. And it's best if you realize it is all about lifting yourself at times what you call your "breaking point." Now and then, when you feel helpless and lose motivation, you must look into the strength within you, your hidden potential, it helps. Always keep in mind that you have to face temporary defeats to taste success in life. If you keep going and never give up at these defeats, no one can ever stop you from becoming successful.


Here are some reasons to inspire you to move on and never give up. Have a look, and maybe you'll find a stronger reason to keep going no matter what happens in your life and inspire others as well.

1. You Are More Blessed Than You Think

If you have a roof over your house, good food to eat, clothes to wear, hands, feet, eyes, nose, ears, you are more blessed than you think. Many people in the world crave for the possessions you already have. Many people do not even have food to eat in a day. Similarly, many cannot see from their eyes and crave to admire this beautiful world.

So, before you get to panic with the problems in your life, close your eyes, and think about the ways the world is beautiful for you. You'll feel yourself blessed, you'll feel, you have more than, a lot many people in the world, you'll feel you have the opportunities to grow, ways to get better each day, and out of the problems gracefully.

Do you ever walk alongside the road and see beggars? How they take a bowl in their hand and ask every person passing by them for help, food, and money? How they live in shabby clothes? How they survive in hot summers and cold winters? So, is your situation even worse than them? It isn't, right? You can face the problem. Right?

So, stand up with all the grit and determination and move ahead, you'll soon come out of the problem, and also gain strength to face any problem head-on the next time it knocks your door. Keep going not to make things good for you, but to make them better, because things are already good for you and you only have to realize it. Keep going for the better, and you see in no time you'll achieve your best!


2. You Be True To Life Rather Than Unrealistic

You must realize that it's not very likely for you to succeed at something at one go. Things take time, and meanwhile, you make a lot of mistakes. Instead of getting panic from failures, you must learn from your mistakes each time and move ahead. Be true to yourself, your life, be realistic. Don't let your mistakes bring you down, only see them as opportunities, learn from them, grow, and never give up.

3. You Don't Want To Regret This

No doubt, regret is the worst feeling a person can feel. Don't take yourself to that position. Don't regret what you did or what you cannot do. Remember that what mistake you did was a part of your learning, and there is nothing in the world that you cannot do. And even if you are still not able to do what you want to right now, wait, calm down for a while. If not today, you surely will be able to achieve what you want some time in the future. But don't rush. Don't force things to happen.

Embrace whatever comes your way and observe the vibes. Work along with your vibes to get your dream. And surely this way you get your dream. But meanwhile, don't regret anything, don't blame yourself or anyone else for the unwanted circumstances. Just learn to hold patience at times of stress and move on. Do good, work hard, and move on. One day you get it all. No doubt, you get it all!


4. It Could Change For The Better

It might be complicated now, but always remember that things change, and most of the time for the better. If you learn the art of embracing things and keep going, you never know when you hit through a miracle and get it all sorted in the best way. So never in life, lose hope. Just keep going. Things change for the better!

5. You Are Strong

You are way more strong than you think. No matter how many failures you face one or even 100, nothing is serious enough to bring you down and stop you on the way to success. You have all the strength in the world and your strength is not determinant of how many setbacks you face in your life. If you see it deeply, with each passing struggle, you grow more strong in life.

So, no matter how many struggles come across your way, remember that you always have the strength to keep going. And, you indeed have the strength to keep going, you have to realize this!


To end it..

Bear Grylls said it very right,
"Survival can be summed up in three words - never give up.
That's the heart of it really. Just keep trying. The rules of
survival never change, whether you're in a desert or in
an arena."

I wish reading this article was sufficient enough to give you reasons to never quit in life. Often, when you feel like giving up, you are so close to 180-degree turn life. You are so close to making a difference in life. At any point in your life, you can be on the verge of great success. So, never quit and go for it. Never ever give up!


Do You Still Feel Like Giving Up?

Remember, no matter how tough times get, how difficult the situation may seem, how many people turn against you, you always have a meaning to life, a purpose for which you are made, ways to get better each day, polish your skills, and reasons to never give up in life.

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3


I don't reblog many posts but I am reblogging this one because I think this message is really important for people to hear. When my brother, @aurynthenorse starts complaining I tell him that he's really lucky and shouldn't, he's not starving. Thank you for sharing this message with people.

Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked the message I wanted to convey to the people. Felt so good to hear from you. And yes, we all are lucky, atleast we have the opportunities to grow each day and food to eat. Instead of complaining about things, we must be thankful for our already blessings in life. This way life gets much on track and easier! And also, in the long run, we are able to achieve what we want to!

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