Lessons To Learn From Older People..!!

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With this, I remember a quote by Andy Rooney, a famous radio and television writer. He once said that,
"The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person."

And he said it very right. If you have ever spent a day with your grandparents listening to stories, of their childhood, how they used to live, spend all the time in a day or ever had an in-depth conversation with them about how they get it through amidst all life struggles gracefully, you then know what great life lessons cross your beautiful journey of life.

Nobody reaches old age without having gone through many trials and tribulations in life. So, there is no doubt that older people know a lot, and they understand life like no one else. They know life is all about good and bad times and all about keep going creating a balance no matter what. They know the healing power of courage, determination, hard work, patience, and love. Hence, they will leave no stone unturned to teach you some greatest lessons in life.

So, if you're already one lucky person to have the opportunity to spend quality time with your grandparents, there is no better thing in the world. And if you are missing it out due to your busy schedules and hectic job, then take out time to talk to them. You'll feel better. You'll start to do more good in your life. You never know a single life lesson from them can turn out to be the turning point in your life!

Don't Take Everything to Heart

And the majority of the people today, especially the youth, have a habit of taking everything to heart. Every little negative talk with a negative person starts bothering them to the core. Older people teach us to ignore each negative tantrum thrown at us either by life or the people.

We must possess an inner art of observing things and powerful intuition so that as soon as we find a negative vibe around us, we distance ourselves immediately. And also that, instead of being a victim of judgemental eyes, we must learn to outgrow them.

Another reason why elder people ask us to ignore things is, we may not know what the other person hurting us is going through. The other person may be going through some of the worst circumstances that you may not even imagine about in life. Sometimes, it's not about the other people hurting you are not genuine people, and it also means that they may also be going through some rough times.

Walk away for the moment, and do not hurt them back. Go with the flow, do not stop working hard, and believe in Almighty's beautiful plans for you! You still have to get the best!

Love is All You Need in Life

If we ever compare the love in elder generations with love today, we find that there is a lot of difference. People earlier used to love purely, from the bottom of the heart, without the involvement of any selfish motives and desires. And it's where the older people can give us the most genuine lessons on love. They say that love is all you need in life to get it through. Love is what gives meaning and accomplishment to life. We must never stop loving, no matter what.

However, it's okay if we get angry about any relationship at a point, but it's not okay to hold grudges and not love. We must keep loving. Indulging in feelings of hatred will help us no way. Love is what keeps us going, at peace, fulfillment, and success we wish for us in life. Be in the company of older people and learn how to love! It is what we younger generations are missing out the most in life!

Enjoy the World Around You

The modern people are so busy fulfilling responsibilities, on social media, earning money to live a life of luxury that they have forgotten the meaning of real living. They have forgotten that life is all about the little moments. People today look for big happiness instead of counting already blessings in life. And it is where the role of older people comes into existence.

Another lesson we learn from being in the company of older people is that we must enjoy the world around us. We must enjoy nature, warmth, and try to find happiness in the littlest of things. Even if we want big happiness, it'll come to us with our firm determination and hard work, but that does not mean we have to overlook the small joys of life. Be happy, be content, work hard, and be ready to get the best! Life is beautiful!

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3

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