Go On Buddha, Spread The Love..!! Part - II

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..Siddhartha then seated himself at the foot of the Bodhi Tree in the posture of meditation and took the oath to not rise from the meditation until he had attained perfect enlightenment. He became deeply absorbed in meditation, reflected on his past experiences of life, determined to penetrate it's truth to the roots. He mastered victory over all the distractions, found life lessons, finally achieved enlightenment, and became the Buddha.

After attaining the stage of Nirvana at the foot of the Bodhi tree, he remained in the same place for a few more weeks focusing more on all the truths he just realized. He then left for the world which he already abandoned a few years ago, to spread the truth. It is complicated for a being who is liberated and free from all motivation and desires to return to the world, the people, and their ways. Buddha decided out of his craving to serve the world and minimize the sufferings.

Although being born in a wealthy royal family as a prince, he decided to live the life of an ascetic to seek the answers after he realized about the world sufferings. Meditation helped him know the answers, and then he could not resist to teach them to others and help rescue from the cycle of births and deaths.


Teachings of Gautam Buddha are the life principles given by him after achieving the state of enlightenment.

The Four Noble Truths

1. The Truth Of Suffering -

Everyone Suffers

2. The Truth Of The Cause Of Suffering -

Ignorance, Desires, Greed, Self

3. The Truth Of The End Of Suffering -

Renunciation Of Ignorance And Greed

4. The Truth Of The Path That Leads To The End Of Suffering -

Correctly living life and following the eightfold path of life which is - Right view, Right action, Right effort, Right mindfulness, Right thought, Right concentration, Right effort, Right Speech


was not the one and only Buddha. There were many Buddhas that existed before him, and many that came after him. But the teachings of all Buddhas are the same - "Not to do any evil, to cultivate good, to purify one's heart." All Buddhists value virtues such as patience, kindness, giving, humanity. Compassion and wisdom are the most followed of all. Buddhism is known to be a practical religion helping people to live for the better and peacefully. The final aim of all Buddhist teachings is to help awaken "Buddha" in every single individual so that everyone can lead a journey towards self-transformation and upliftment!

Be like Buddha, only spread love!!

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3


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