Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns

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Job is, absulately, one of the most crucial factors in a person’s life. However, I don’t believe that it only provides money for life to person working. Therefore, I totally disagree with the statement of that money is the most significant aspect of a job as friends you work with, are effective, money doesn’t always supply happiness and career desire is important for quite many employees.
Initially, people always want someone to be with. Inherently, this is for having enjoy from life, supply motivation to eachother as it is permanent for the job they work. They spend approximately one third of the day for working. Therefore, while working, having pleased time in the office would be important. I infer from that without friends, working just for money must be abysmal. When we compare with earning a lot of money and working with friends and having quite much fun, then I believe that many people prefer to work with friends to have fun instead of boring working for hours even it provides some amount of money to the employee working hard.
While a worker is working, first he or she must established that whether he or she is working for money or having a pleased life. It is well believed that we need to work hard and spend a lot of time to earn to much money. However, spending money we earn is possible then because we don’t have enough time to enjoy and search for stuffs that is worth to time we spent. On the other hand, if the happiness is the cornerstone of our life, we can access it with small amount of money. For instance, my father’s works are really tough. He sometimes work until 12 pm. At the same time, he earns quite much money. We have apartments and cars. However, since he doesn’t have enough time, I don’t remember that he suffer to be happy throughout his life by going out with us or spending time with a hobby he has. It would be better if he has more time and less money but he is happier than now. Therefore, job is not only important for money that it supplies, but it is crucial for happiness by balancing the outputs as well.
Moreover, certain amount of employees work for a successful career life. For many of them, money is in the second position. They prefer to be successful instead of working hard to earning money by doing a work they don’t want to do. Therefore, it is clear that money is less important than career desire and future plans that career supplies.
On the whole, job is quite importance for a person’s life. It provides some crucial factors to worker’s life. Eventually, for all intents and purposes, money has an important role while it is not more important than happiness, career desire and having funny friends.
Based on a recent statistic on the internet about whether the most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns, the number of people who advocate to this standpoint occupies 75 percent of all the voters, and seemlingly has a tendecy of incresing. However, people who object to that viewpoint, on the other hand, argue that the ability you abtain from the work and the friendship developed through the work are far more essential than the money. From my perspective, I completely agree with the latter idea.

Among the most convicing reasons identified by people against that money is the most important aspect, what should be emphasized firstly is that you should cherish the oppotunity of improving your personal working ability, especially for the graduate students who are about to start their career. If one have a dream to become a engineer professor, after he starts to work, there are millions of chances provided to communicate with the knowledgable and expericenced person, from who he probably gains a large number of skills that could not be learned in the school. As well, if one desire to be a manager, it is the possibility of contacting with the well-known successful managers that may avoid the new-comers of suffering a great deal of difficulties. It is just a small part of millions of examples, which are impossible to be listed entirely.

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