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I have published a few life stories on Talkingsoup.com
It is an interesting website where you can get a glimpse of life as it happens or in my case, happened.
The story in question was about installing a printer for a Russian Billionaire's daughter in Kensington, London.

And easy-peasy thing one would imagine. But it turned into a nightmare that could have cost me my job.
Luckily it all turned out OK in the end.
Which was nice.


Read: Kensington and the Russian Billionaires Daughter - Talkingsoup.com

I had just started in the new job. I was IT literate, done my time in the trenches as a Web IT Support guy. Some Scottish raiders bought out the previous on-line company I had worked for, who had virtually on their own invented the ‘On-Line Admin Fee’. So I was offered a move, North to Alaska, or the redundancy. I took the money. I managed to get a job as a Project Manager with a nearby recruitment company who wanted to move into big time web-hosting.

My old company were the masters of web hosting hyperbole. One of our most famous internet magazine ads listed everything as free, except the price. Free hosting, Free web space, free domain name, free email address, all of which begged the question; if everything was free, just exactly what was the punters paying for?

However, all that was behind me as I drove with the boss toward Kensington to do a very simple IT job. He’d informed me when I arrived on my first day to start my project of managing his web-hosting Empire, one of his financial backers, a Russian billionaire’s daughter, had just bought a printer. I gave him my most, ‘well isn’t that just amazing’, quizzical look.

“Yes,” he said. It seemed the daughter wanted to get this printer connected up to her PC.

“Can you do it?”

“Yes,” I said in my most IT expert convincing way, “Connect a printer to a PC, no problemo.”

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