Can we teach luck?

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, luck is defined as the things that happen to a person because of chance, or the accidental way things happen without being planned. And I wonder:

What if we can teach ourselves to be lucky?

Once I read a study by Richard Wiseman called "The luck factor". In the paper, luck was described as being able to find and perceive opportunities that others are not able to find. Therefore a "lucky person" is one who always keep their eyes open for new endeavors and opportunities in life. I have been told all my life I am a lucky person. Some may say I have opportunities others didn’t have in life, while others may think I am just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. But, if luck is the awareness to see hidden opportunities, can we teach others to be lucky?

In my previous blog, I described all the New Year traditions I, as a Colombian, follow in order to have a successful new year. What if by following some steps, I prepare my brain to be willing to see the new opportunities in the coming year? Or like Mr. Wiseman calls it, the power of superstition.

Are we Steemians lucky, because we found a platform where we can be part of a community that might be extremely successful in the future? Or are we just individuals that are willing to see opportunities where others don’t see it.

Is success luck, or is it just a description of an open mind

I like the idea of thinking of myself as this magical creature, that just attracts positive energy and fortunate breaks; but I know better than that. I know that it takes strength to be able to see pass the negative, and find the positive outlook on the other side. Time will tell if I am going to be able to react this way when something really rocks my boat. In the meantime, I need to continue working on this luck training.

I will be sure to share my findings, because if I can help others to be lucky, I think would’ve finally found my purpose in life.

Aloha you lucky devils!!


Nice @fonsetucker! I love the content of this post. I know a family member who, if someone has come upon good fortune than they must be LUCKY. Basically saying, the "Lucky" person did not get where they are by hard work and determination. I think most people who find luck are the ones who have perserverance and don't let other peoples opinions ruin how they think of themselves. The name callers usually want to play the victim card and the lucky people are taking responsibility for their actions and outcomes! Love this article! Keep going!

Hi. I liked your post. I believe that the best way to teach luck is with a smile. :D smile for ever

I think you are right on point with lucky people are not necessarily lucky but more adaptive, see opportunities others can't or are willing to push ourselves in areas others don't. Many consider me lucky when in fact I came from nothing and took myself up to where I am by looking for unlikely opportunities and seizing the day. Anybody who persevere on steemit will do well in the future, even if it's slow earnings...slow but steady. I will leave mine in the platform until it's too the moon...all or nothing!!

All or nothing!! More power for us, the "lucky people"!

Well articulated. More power to your elbow........i propose your ideas

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