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After the last days were quite nerve-racking, I have today again a wonderful travel report to a place which is for me one of the most beautiful places in the whole Dominican Republic.

It is extremely attractive, versatile and offers a great variety of plants and animals on about 1,500 km²: I am talking about the National Park of Los Haitises, one of the most popular and famous national parks in the Dominican Republic. For me it is at the same time one of the most beautiful spots on the whole island.

The Los Haitises National Park, which can only be reached by boat via the water, is one of the main attractions that this country has to offer for me. The national park is located in the northeast near the peninsula Samana and was already established in the middle of 1976. Since then, it is a constantly growing magnet for visitors.

The terrain is topographically extremely interesting and varied. It is home to such a fascinating variety of animals and plants that it always leaves me speechless.

Here you can experience a dreamlike and varied landscape.

The landscape in the Parque Nacional Los Haitises is strongly influenced by many small hills, which are all between 200 and 385 meters high. There are many small freshwater rivers as well as mangrove swamps and forests, crystal clear lagoons, tropical rain forests, mysterious dripstone caves but also some beautiful coral landscapes. For me: pure nature, which will also enchant you.

The national park is especially known for its impressive mangrove forests. Mahogany trees, kapok trees and American cedars grow in these forests, from which the internationally known, fragrant cigar boxes were made.

Los Haitises - the animal paradise

For me there are few places in the whole Caribbean where you can find such a large variety of plants and animals. In Los Haitises there are over 700 different plants and flowers and about 110 different bird species. Nature lovers will find here:

  • Brown Pelicans
  • cinnamon leaf chicken
  • Yellow-fronted Jassanas with their yellow-green wings
  • the white roseate terns
  • and magnificent frigate birds
  • bats
  • sea turtles
  • Boas, Dominican Hutias (tree rats) and the Slit weevil.

For historically interested visitors there are early historical cave and rock drawings, which originate from the Taino people, the indigenous people.

My tips for your visit to the Los Haitises National Park

You can only visit the national park with guided tours. However, a large part of the park is not accessible to tourists. You have different options to visit the park:

  • Hikes through the interior of the country
  • Tours with off-road vehicles
  • or special cave tours

There are also various starting points for the crossing to Los Haitises. But most of the tours start in Sabana de la Mar. The Dominicans have also set up a visitor centre there. Alternatively you can also reach the Parque Los Haitises from Sanchez or Samana, from where motorboats also take you to the national park.

Tip: The absolute must equipment in the national park is sturdy footwear.

And those of you who want to treat yourself to a well-groomed sunbath in an absolutely fantastic location after this impressive nature experience should settle down on the endlessly long palm beaches of the Samana peninsula.

A real paradise for all sun worshippers.

own photos supplemented by photos from google, since my mobile phone gave up the ghost
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Looks like a Nationalpark I really want to explore. Cruising through mangroves is pretty cool. We did that in Indonesia.

this is one of my favorite NP in DR. It's starts my new serie of the NP's (in english) here in the Dominican Republic. So come over every day for a next eposide

There are such beautiful places on earth. We have to do everything we can to preserve it. Because if we destroy these beauties, what else is left? Only the bad. Thanks for the report.

you ve right. we have to do everything is possible to preserve it. Thanx for ur comment!