Unexecpted cleanup

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I thought I was to work today but as it turns out I spent my time getting up early driving to the job only to discover I as not needed. I then thought I would have this unexpected day off work to relax and catch up on some reading about Cryptos and watching some news from true news sources.

Then I was informed by the other half that she would like to see me accomplish something meaningful today. I guess we have different ideas of what is meaningful.

So today I found myself cleaning up my study. A job that I have needed to do for a while now. Sometime ago I decided that I need to find room in my home where I could store food I have grown and preserved as well as stockpile other foods for a rainy day. The wardrobe seemed like a good choice.

It turns out that today I would discover what meaningful would really mean to me. The wardrobe was full of things that I have been holding onto for far to long. Things that I paid good for. I still remember the work I had to do to earn the money to buy what I was now throwing in the trash. Many of the items now bound for a deep hole in the ground or put on a boat and sent to China to be recycled into items that no doubt you and I will spend good money on because we will believe it will improve our life in a meaningful way. Money alone was not the only cost involved in hording what I have now, after many years, decided to part with. Its the amount of times I have moved it from 1 room to another, had thing of real meaning broken due to lack of storage space and the "disagreements" with the wife over the years about the space taken up by what I am no longer attached to.

So today after "accomplish something meaningful" I am now a mission to look at what else I have in my life that I have been hanging on to that also no longer has any meaning.

Fly Casual


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I keep that safe in the lounge room where everyone can see it

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