Why do we forget?

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In this so agitated world we are living in, it is almost impossible not to forget things! There are too many information and too little time. If you were to plan 15 things to do in the next day, it is most likely that you would forget one of them. Why do we forget? Well, if you want to find out why do you forget or how to solve forgetfulness issues, keep on reading to find out more.


What is forgetfulness?

Forgetfulness is the shield protecting the memory so that it doesn’t get overwhelmed. It’s most natural to forget things! When I say natural this doesn’t mean that I’m counting also those extreme cases(diseases or other such affections), but I’m talking about the normal situations which we all deal with.

We men, forget because our mind doesn’t have the power to save too much information in the same time. When you forget, this means that old and useless information are replaced with other new ones, like present information. Forgetfulness is quite the natural process- like I mentioned earlier, speaking about the cases where no disease is involved…

The forgetfulness causality:

• Irrational learning
• Overwhelming your brain with new information
• Simultaneously doing more activities
• Fatigue
• Head aches
• Disease
• Alcohol
• Stress.

How to solve forgetfulness issues?

1). If tomorrow you’re going through an exam and you just decide, on your own, to start studying, the environment where you choose to do this is very important. You would do yourself a great favor if you would study in a quiet place, with no music and TV.

2). If you want to learn English in 3 days, you won’t manage it! No matter what you do or how much effort you put into it!

The human brain is not a memory card. That is why everything needs to be systematically processed. Don’t attempt to save too much new information, within a short time period. Study wisely and don’t hurry. Otherwise, you’ll forget.

3). Wishing to solve all your problems in just one day, you are most likely to do more than one activity at the same time. Inevitably, you won’t do them right. You’ll most likely forget something. In order to not reach such delicate situations, it’s best advisable to focus only on one activity which you can best perform.

4). If you want to learn about something in particular, if you’re tired, let me tell you that you’re doing the biggest mistake! And why is that? Because you’re wasting your time! You might start studying for a certain class the whole evening, and when you wake up the next morning, you remember nothing at all. Rest is the best remedy for your brain. Get enough of it and your brain will help you not forget.

5). Head aches make you lose your concentration. If you lose it, you’re automatically deranging your memorizing capacity. If you’re dealing with them today, it’s easy to understand that you’ll not be able to fully concentrate. So in theory, it doesn’t make sense to force yourself into remembering tons of information because it won’t work out.

When you have a head ache, it’s best to rest and to ask for a doctor’s advice.

6). A disease can make you lose your conscience. If you lost your mind, automatically you’ve lost your head, as well. In this case, the thing is quite severe- only specialists can help you. If you’re dealing with severe memory issues, never hesitate in asking for a specialist’s advice. When talking about diseases, the best solution is a specialist’s advice.

7). When you’re drinking more alcohol than your body can handle, it means that you’ve exaggerated. This excess can make you forget. You’ll go through that weird feeling when you wake up in the morning and you don’t remember what you did the other night… What you do remember are just some vague scenes. He who said that alcohol makes you lose it, was so right! He who said it definitely knew how things are going on… If don’t want to go there, I strongly advise you to wisely and responsibly drink alcohol.

8). When you’re stressed and worried, your whole focus is drawn towards this panic. There are situations when you’re needed, you confirm that you’ll get to the required destination in 30 minutes and afterwards you focus on other things and you simply forget what you initially planned. This is what happens when you’re mind is somewhere else and also other stuff come up, in the mean time… But in this situation, you can just write down, on your phone or on a notepad all the things you need to do. All the time you’ll take a look in your notepad and you’ll do your stuff in a chronological order. Not doing so, your mind might go nuts.

Why do we forget? We forget because we are built to forget. This is how man and his mind were made. It’s not a flaw. Forgetfulness is part of the human brain’s functioning system.

"Today was such a busy day. So busy that I even forgot to eat…"

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