What we forget to do on holidays

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When one says holiday, one automatically thinks about: presents, family, fun, food, drinking and many more other things… Still, you forget one thing in particular. This thing can be the most important present you could give yourself on holidays. Due to your disarray and due to the fact that you most of the time don’t take into account important things, you won’t have it neither this year. What we forget to do on holidays? Know that:


"On holidays we forget to change! We forget to take a deep look into our souls."

The best circumstance of improving yourself is a holiday. And you, my man, forget to change! The holiday represents your chance of leaving behind what you have done wrong. It represents the opportunity of reevaluating your mistakes. And let me tell you that this opportunity shouldn’t be neglected, but worshiped.

You forget to leave aside all the mistakes you make during the whole year, and moreover, you keep on doing them. We have somehow made a sort of unhealthy rules for holidays which seem to cannot be infringed. Of course, nobody will ever admit this! The truth is sometimes really painful… Therefore, it’s better to think about it in a more traditional way: “This is how our ancestors also did it! Well, yes, because our ancestors were saying: “Drink your minds off” or “Eat until you cannot anymore”. Speaking of food: you should know that the ambulance will never have to come and pick you up due to a salad. Oh! But you’ll tell me: “So what, now I have to eat salads on holidays?” No, my friend, it’s not about having a salad, as it’s not about neither eating only pork meat. Do you remember you mother’s words?

"Come on, my child, have some sausages and some stake… But first, let’s heat the stuffed cabbage…"

Not only food, but also excessive alcohol drinking can harm you! Did you know that an exaggerated amount of alcohol within your system kind of dehumanizes one? Yes, it dehumanizes! It does this because it basically makes you go nuts! So how could you celebrate the birth of Jesus by being drunk? Is this possible?

You should definitely leave behind these pagan pleasures – which you already have during the whole year- and maybe think more about your soul- I’m referring to the sentimental part. The holly celebration is directly connected to the soul. At least, this is how it should be…

On holly celebrations it’s best to also have a talk with “your creator”. Or have you forgotten about this? You see, you keep forgetting about the essentials!

The majority of people have the tendency to associate the traditional holidays with abundant meals and excessive drinking- Holidays are all about this, right? Well, I suggest we think about a different perspective: for instance, let’s not lie ourselves anymore, let’s not do bad things anymore, let’s visit our parents more frequently and the list can go on and on…

Let’s start a brand new life like the honest and responsible individuals that we are. Let’s make a celebration out of our own hearts.

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Great post! The one thing I have always enjoyed about the holidays has always been when family comes together. Its the time I get to see family I might not see throughout the year. Its a shame though this is roughly the only time we connect but its a time I really look forward to.

I am really bad for food myself but booze I don't really drink too often, if at all. I have gone really hard though throughout the year and have lost 85+ pounds so as a reward I will allow myself some holiday sweets but I don't want to pack all the weight back on and I know its a slippery slope.

Thank you for the post!