What does feminine beauty stand for?

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The subject we are talking about has quite the controversy factor. I’m saying “controversy” because beauty can have many meanings – each of us understands and feels differently. That is why, the title (“what does feminine beauty stand for?”) will only be explained from MY point of view.


Feminine beauty does not mean long legs, full lips, big breasts, “a sculpted body”, etc. Beauty means much more than this. Of course, it all depends on how each of us perceives beauty…

In order to be beautiful, you don’t need to go to the esthetician! Instead, to a psychologist. You’ll never find beauty at the doctor who injects you or who cuts you – speaking of which: did you know that breast implants were invented for women dealing with issues? I don’t want to sound absurd- in some cases, these breast implants are really necessary! Either way, I guess you got my point. True beauty isn’t found in medics or medication, but in other things, which I’ll list in the following lines:

Beauty means a natural look, filled with emotion, beauty means the way you cuddle, the straggly hair when you wake up in the morning, the laugh with tears, the simplicity of a well behaving sign coming form your early childhood, and many more…

Nowadays, unfortunately, beauty is perceived wrong- if a present popular actress fills her lips with Botox, some women might consider this to be a great example to be followed. – and so the herd spirit among women is born.

A woman is most beautiful when she is natural! If you eat natural foods, you add a little work out to it and some clothes- which look good on you- an adequate attitude and an austere attention to details (your skin complexion, hair, nails, skin), I really think you have all the cards so that you can become a genuine “feminine beauty”.

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