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It all started with a bet. The cherry on top was that I wasn’t even involved in it. I heard about it in a TV show. Somebody was announcing to have made a bet on the game of the century. It was about the match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. I was curious and I searched for some info. When I started looking for information the match was already played. I was just curious to figure out why they have called it the game of the century. The thing is that I didn’t even suspected what I was about to learn. What can one learn from a professional boxer? Well, know that there are many things you can learn. Maybe things you don’t even think about.


As I was telling you, I started to look up for some info. I went on a popular web site with video materials and I searched general stuff about the match referred to.

The match was actually amazingly promoted – as in internationally speaking. By the way, shame on me: I had no idea about such a match. Honestly speaking, I’ve already heard about the two boxers, but due to the fact that I’m not really a fan of this boxing stuff, I never watched a game in particular.

My point is that I ran on a documentary about Floyd Mayweather Jr., which completely changed my perspective about boxing and boxers.

I’m not and I never was pro violence or combat and this could explain my total disinterest regarding this sport we’re talking about. I like to consider myself a peaceful individual – but this doesn’t mean that I’m only about chess or other static sports… No, my friend, I actually love sports and on top of this I really know how to play many of them – I didn’t graduated the Sports High school and the Sports College for nothing, but this isn’t the essential idea of this talk. I want to point out what you can learn from a professional boxer (exactly how I mentioned in this article’s title). And thank God, you have many things to learn.

The matter with boxing and boxers is quite a delicate one. Some see it as a violent sport, while others, like an honoring one… The talks focusing on this subject are somehow divided, but, summing it all up, the most important thing is that we all agree on a common idea: that boxing requires a lot of sacrifice.

Let me give you some examples of sacrifices (these can as well be seen as life lessons and not only as examples to be considered):

If you were to watch documentaries with the lives of Pacquiao or Mayweather, you would most likely notice that both are doing this sport for more than 25 years. So their whole life focuses only on this. Just listen to how it sounds: over 25 years of trainings and exercises... (As I know what intense work out is all about, I can tell you that I feel shivers on my spine)

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that a professional boxer is a calm individual who knows very well how to control his mind. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to finish his intense trainings each time he needs to go through them. So here you can get your life lesson: the mind’s balance can guide you towards a well-established purpose.

Sportsmen who know what they want, strictly follow the basic rules! Punctuality and discipline are the most important criteria which they go by. They know very well that without them, everything can go to waste. Just ask Mayweather how many times he felt lazy when having to go for trainings? You can be sure that if he were to feel lazy, he wouldn’t have become the person he is today. Even though he’s a billionaire, I’m pretty sure he follows his schedule with the same strictness like he did also when he wasn’t famous and rich.

One of celebrities’ secrets is their ambition. Can you imagine how ambitious one must be in order to wake up at 5 am to go for a run? Oh, don’t think that we’re talking about a simple jogging session, once a week. No, my friend, it’s about daily runs or maybe once at two or three days, repeated and repeated years in a row.

You must posses a mad wish so that you can back off from so many of the life’s pleasures, just to achieve the goal you’ve set your mind on. For instance, most of them don’t consume alcohol, aren’t smokers, don’t eat what they shouldn’t (I resumed to this statement just so I don’t go into advertising) and they don’t waste nights like other people do. So how many of us are doing this? Lord have mercy on all of us, sinners and greedy guts. By the way, have you noticed what physique these boxers have? They’re in their middle age and have the body of an 18-year-old (most of us don’t even look like them in our 18 years).

Now you tell how can these professional boxers not represent a model? So much effort, such hard work, so much sweating, so much discipline, so much backbone… As far as I’m concerned they are very underestimated for what they really are nowadays.

They’re not fire eaters like some people believe them to be. Bullies are those who get in a fight at the corner of the street for God knows what reason: one more embarrassing than the other. Bullies don’t fight for noble causes, but they do it just to harm the other. So, what are we actually talking about here? Are we comparing professional boxers with ordinary bullies? Who does this, either has no clue about what he’s doing, or is a total ignorant (not to tell it otherwise)

The things you can learn from a professional boxer, they will never teach you about them in school. Maybe after some years, if schools will start to teach psychology or personal development classes, we’ll get to the point where we’ll have the mindset of a professional boxer. Otherwise, I really can’t see how we can develop as they do… Maybe only if we prepare ourselves, physically, mentally and ethically, by following their example.

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