The easiest way to read a book

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We all know very well that free time has become more and more valuable. I’m saying valuable because, once we develop, free time seems to almost disappear- and this is valid not only when you have a family, but also immediately after you get a job. Therefore, once free time disappears, know that also your interest (of doing what you like) disappears as well. Good! So what to do in this situation? If you like reading, but you don’t have time for it, how do you manage it? You just accept it and you keep on going from this position? Or you look out for a way to save yourself? If your intention is to save yourself, see what the easiest way to read a book is:


The first step is to convert your book from a text to an audio format

Nowadays technology allows you to make so many things that you don’t have to stress no more. Maybe if you lived 100 years ago, you would’ve had all the reasons in the world to panic, but now? Well, with a simple click you can convert a 400 pages book in pronounced words- you make an audio book from a text book. There are so many free apps available online that you really don’t have to complain. Or even easier: you buy the book you want in an audio format.

The second step is to wisely organize your time spent for other goals

So if you make 30 minutes each day to work, this means that you spend a whole hour on the road (from home to work and vice versa). This time you could spend it listening to an audio book. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using your own car or the public transport, as long as you have a phone and a pair of headphones, all can be done. Yes! It’s true that your personal car might be more comfortable- apart from the fact that you comfortably sit on your seat, you can also listen to your audio book in the car’s audio system- but you can very well do this also in public transportation. The ones who were tortured were our grandparents, who had nothing, not YOU!

A good idea, but not for everyone, is to listen to an audio book while you’re relaxing in the bath tub. Most likely the women would go for such a relaxation method: “A romantic book, listened while the lady takes her bath in the tub” How’s that for a relaxing evening? Would you go for it? By the way, I mentioned women because we, men, prefer short showers; and in a shower one cannot hear the book…. At least, in my case.

Examples can go on and on, it all depends on the situation and circumstance. For instance: before going to bed you can fall asleep by listening for 30 minutes the book you started to listen to yesterday, on your way to work. If you’re going by yourself to a fast food, in the morning to eat something and drink some coffee, it’s an excellent opportunity to listen in your headphones to an audio book. The idea is quite simple. You just need to wisely organize your time.

Even though opinions differ, I dare to say that “reading is the same thing with listening”. Of course, if we want to search for differences, we’ll surely find them! I, for once, do not want to look out for differences or to have an argument with somebody… I just want to find an effective solution for the general issue, and that is: finding the free time to read. And this is exactly what I’ve done! I’ve found the solution!

"The easiest way to read a book is to listen to it."

I hope all this has inspired you in some way or another. This was precisely my intention: helping you in some way…

With every approached book, even though you listen to it, you get to learn something. Therefore, don’t neglect the alternative of listening to it. This option can truly be of great help!

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