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Life is a long string of principles. You talk about them endlessly. They can be good and less good- it all depends on who thinks about them. We know from very old times that man is built so that he can have his own thoughts. Either good or bad, each one knows what he has to do in his own space… Of course, the way through which each one decides how to live their lives is strictly personal (everything sums up as each one’s life principles and concepts). This article aims to present the human character in three different situations- Better said, it emphasizes the three life principles, totally different, which men choose to follow. I’m quite curious, what is the life principle you follow?


What we do, our decisions and actions are extremely varied. Usually, man chooses in life how his conscience dictates... Basically, this is where characters are sorted (the best from the worst, the dumbest from the wisest and so on and so forth). The difference between you and others stand in how you choose your words, the way you behave, the decisions you make and actions you do.

From my experience, I can tell you that I’ve learned about life to be a constant battle with myself and with the situations I’m involved in. Daily you need to make decisions. We’re living in a speeding century where solutions need to be figured out on the moment and considering the large amount of issues we have on our minds, unfortunately, not many people spend time in analyzing in detail the decisions they make. Right or wrong, you, as the normal human being you are, are only expressing what you’re thinking of on the moment. There are many times when we forget to think things twice before doing them. We don’t make an effort in thinking too much about what we do. The majority of us just let things flow on their own- which is really bad.

The next lines will emphasize three essential life principles. These are the 3 principles which balance the scale between men. If you know how to choose the right alternative, you have high chances to solve many existential problems. In some people’s cases, choosing the right principle can dramatically change the course of personal thinking. The three reasons are explained as follows:

1. Intelligent people talk about ideas

(they debate on life plans, personal projects, they express wishes, reasons and convictions).

2. Mediocre people talk about events

(political events, social events, local happenings, etc.).

3. Low people talk about other people

(these are the traditional gossipers who just gossip and judge everything – no matter the context or the circumstance). These people are more interested in other people’s lives than in their own.

So in what category do you see yourself? Or at least tell me what category you think would suit you? Talking about plans and ideas which can dramatically change mindsets, talking about news or daily usual events or talking about people surrounding you, by judging them for what they do or what they are?

The great majority have chosen a wrong path (rightly said, without thinking it too much). I’m referring to the path paved with gossips, scandal and malice. We see gossip and scandal on TV, gossip and scandal near our house, gossip at the work place, gossip in the mall… gossip everywhere!

I’m wondering, where are we headed? Where can we go in this rhythm? Do you think this is the way to build something? Well, no! This is how we won’t be able to built nothing, never ever! Our own life principles should function in a constructive way, not a destructive one.

We’re getting old, people…Too much change won’t happen in our lives. Changes in our kids’ lives and mindsets… these will definitely happen. It will all depend on our adult behavior and attitude (well…some are adults only in their IDs; in reality, things are totally different).

The way we decide to live our lives, to cohabit and to share, is each one’s problem. Differently said: “Each one is free to do whatever he wants”. We are adults, directly responsible for what we do (either it’s good or bad). Talking about attitude, before taking a decision, we should very well analyze all the possibilities. Of course, each has this right. The main idea is that if you follow your path as your soul dictates, and if you sustain your ideas as your reason suggests, you’ll understand that in life, nothing is accidental.

If you’re planning to make a change in the world, first of all, start with a reevaluation of your own self. Afterwards, you can think about the other issues.

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