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In this article we’ll be discussing advantages and disadvantages- on a short and long term- of some things we periodically or regularly do. I’ll just cut to the chase by giving you some examples so that you can understand the essential.

1. Fast food- advantages and disadvantages  

This is something we get to eat almost every week. Either we want to admit it or not, it really is a food we have each week! Now, I’m talking about the majority of people, not about those who are the exception to the rule!   

Fast food gives you many advantages, if we were to think on a short term: 

  • You don’t have to cook in the house no more 
  • You don’t have to use dishes 
  • You save money- because it’s quite cheap 
  • You can be sure that it will taste delicious every time.  

 On a long term, things change:  

  • It’s unhealthy 
  • Makes you gain weight 
  • Makes you ill 
  • Makes you ugly.  

2. Advantages and disadvantages when doing sport 

If you go now in the park for a one-hour run, after you finish, maybe it won’t count too much for your look that hour ran in your own rhythm. But if you run for one hour, three times per week, in an adequate way (moderated, with a correct breathing and a correct allonge), for 10 years, the benefits will definitely be much bigger than if you would run for one hour, as we mentioned earlier. You’ll probably be more athletic, more toned and healthier… But in order for you to reach this performance, because it actually is a performance, running shouldn’t come as an obligation. Instead, it should mean a way of living which you should invest in. 

3. Advantages and disadvantages, on a short and long term, when you’re saving up

If you save up an euro today, maybe tomorrow it won’t count too much, but if you save up an euro for 20 whole years, you’ll get to buy yourself a new car- just because you’ve saved up an euro each day. Little things, at a first sight, don’t come as too much, but on a long term, these can represent quite the fortune. 

As you can see, advantages and disadvantages from your life are highly dependent on the way you organize your day, or better said, the way you organize your life. You are the only one to decide whether you sacrifice your short-term pleasures in the advantage of those on a long term.  

Nobody is telling you how to think or what you should do, but reality has proven that if you don’t think about the future, you’re gonna get it! Therefore, in order to not get sick in the future, take care on how you think every day.

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