✨Playing the tooth fairy ✨

in life •  last year


Of the many roles that a mother plays, playing the tooth fairy is one that appeals to the imagination. At 7 years old, my son is questioning if Santa is real and whether reindeers can fly but he still believes in the tooth fairy ⭐️

The tooth fairy visits when a child loses a baby tooth and places it under their pillow at night. The tooth fairy takes away the tooth and replaces it with some money.

I think that this may be where cryptocurrency falls short 😂 I leave a pound coin for each baby tooth. Once I forgot and told my disappointed little boy that the tooth fairy couldn't lift his head so he had to place it to the side of his pillow!

Unfortunately, my son tells me that the tooth fairy appears to be more generous with other children and leaves notes for some of his friends. Perhaps there is more than one tooth fairy?!

I have kept all of his little baby teeth so far which may seem oddly sentimental but then some keep curls of baby hair...


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Maybe there are many different tooth fairies :D I've always loved the tooth fairy since I was a child and I loved to talk about her to my daughter when she was a little one ^_^


It's a lovely fairy tale 😇