Entrapped in my dream 😴

in life •  10 months ago



I found some beautiful images yesterday of people and fish floating around and they appear to have shaped a very vivid dream that I had last night.

In this dream, I got into a clear glass lift and there was a fish tank in there with a very large blue fish and a few smaller goldfish. They appeared to be unwell. The large fish was too large to move forwards or backwards and could only move up or down. I raised the alarm but was told that the fish were loved.

I then woke with the feeling that I was that sad, poorly looking blue fish with no space to manoeuvre. Perhaps prescient?

@fleur 🐟

(Images courtesy of pixabay.com)

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What a dream. I suppose we are all in our own aquariums in some ways, non?


Yes, perhaps not many of us are free 🐟

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