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Have you read the bestselling book, "Why we sleep" by the sleep scientist, Matthew Walker? He has claimed that there is almost no health condition that cannot be improved by more sleep and that more sleep boosts your career, intelligence and your looks, improves your immune system, cardiovascular health and aids weight management.

Before children, I slept for an average 9 hours a night but with two little ones, I am lucky to get 6 hours unbroken sleep! I have recently decided to go to bed earlier, shortly after settling my children. Apparently it has become something of a status symbol to get "clean sleep" as coined by Gwyneth Paltrow.

There are alarming statistics that show that the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life. Walker claims that just a week of sleep deprivation alters your DNA and that the genes that are changed are the ones associated with cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation, stress and cancer tumours. He claims that just one week of short sleep which is 5 to 6 hours a night, would tip someone's previously normal blood sugar levels into the pre-diabetic zone.

Whilst we know that sleep is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle, the challenge is to prioritise it over a never ending to do list, and anxiety and stresses that plague our modern lives.

Tips for a good night's sleep:

  • Wind down before bed. Avoid screen time!
  • Keep the bedroom dark, cool and quiet; and
  • Try and go to bed at the same time each night so that a routine develops.

Good night 😴


(Source: The Guardian)
(Image: pixabay.com)

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Great advice thank you

With love,

harj : ) xoxo
Abstract artist
(My latest artwork is "Government")

Thanks for the reminder, worry is one bit**h that deprives us of our sleep. We should get rid of that too

And going to bed before midnight around 10 p.m. :)

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I DO think sleep is of the utmost. I am lucky in that I work from home and can set my hours, so I have allowed my body to sort of set its sleep cycles and it is odd as it sort of seems, for me at least, that there is part of the week in which I need to sleep less and rise earlier and other days, I just need more. I have blackout curtains, I sleep with an open window and a fan running, (Even in our cold Winter and I just PILE on the blankets) and it has always done me well to get a good night sleep.

I am sure with children sleep is an entirely different exercise, so well done you for just carving out more time to get some!


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