What's the point? Why do I still post?

in life •  25 days ago 

For the few people who actually see this, I am honestly asking this question more and more.

Being an introvert I am not chatty, don't dig confrontations or drama, and tend to keep many opinions to myself. This means little to no interaction.

Over 3 years here now and I am finding less reasons to stay. I feel like it is more out of habit than for any kind of benefit to me. I have had a whole 5 posts out of 1200 do anything here. 1195 posts essentially talking to myself.

There are umpteen different farms posting about their lives and farms. I am not putting out anything new, unique, or different from the others as can be seen by the random couple of responses I occasionally get.

I am not one to take pictures of myself so it seems that no one cares. Living vicariously through my eyes means nothing to anyone. Part of our shitty tv based cultures. Rather watch some asshole's face than the beauty of the world it seems.

With the changes next week I am not confident in my future here in the least.

Is there a curation service I can throw my account at and just let it make me a couple bucks per week? It would be twice what I am making now.

Really just feeling like I am tired of trying when there is no seeming reasons to.

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I enjoy catching up with your days, what I miss when I'm at work. I may not check it every day but I do catch up on posts I haven't seen. I've even learned of things you forgot to tell me 😁
I love you. I'm sorry the co-op situation is sending your thoughts this direction. ☹️

At least it is a journal for you to see my days.
I love you too!

At least it is a
Journal for you to see my
Days. I love you too!

                 - flemingfarm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I don't have any answers, but I appreciate what you're saying, being an introvert as well. My original intent was mostly to use this as more or less a "personal journal" and storage place that also might make a few cents here and there, and might add one more place to post my work and have someone see it.

Not sure what will happen after this new hardfork. The last one was such a mess; I fear the worst. And this is already a pretty fragile community...

This HAS been more of a journal than anything i guess, so could be a good way to look at it.

The comments on the recent hf post is very telling. 90% of those responding are 60 or higher rep and are all seeing major problems coming. Probably time to start looking at the new EOS and Voice as alternatives.

Well, the last hardfork was a real shit show, so I'm not expecting much from this one either.
I haven't been posting as much as I used to, it's a combination of being busy, being distracted away from posting by other stuff, and not having a lot to write about. If I wanted to shitpost, I could write about my garden every day, but that gets old in a hurry for me, so I've been relaxing a bit on writing posts. I'm not going to stop, but I'm not going to push myself as much as I used to either. I find a lot of your posts interesting, but I can't keep up with steem lately, so I haven't been doing as much curating.

It feels like this slump happens at each HF. I'm sure the value of steem hasn't helped much either.

I'm trying to change my perspective and see posting more as a journal for myself, and if anyone else sees it then okay. The fact of the platform being advertised as an earning possibility is what has made it such shit. If there was no expectation of serious "money" then chances are the attitudes would be different overall.

I'm looking forward to the curation accounts that will be built soon as they will likely give the best return with least effort.

It will be interesting to see what happens with curation after the hard fork. Perhaps there will be more curation efforts by people, but I guess we'll have to wait and see on that.

When I first started, I was really into homesteading. For awhile, I mainly did homesteading posts, and they made a decent amount at the time. Then the community seemed to slowly disapate, and I asked myself why I was even doing homesteading posts. I didn't really enjoy it that much and why add more of the same to the plentiful articles that are already out there? So I kind of disappeared for a time.
Why am back? I guess I missed the interaction. I'm trying to write only when I have something I actually want to share. We all have to figure out what we want and if it's worth it.

Yeah the homesteading community just dissipated. It was nice while it was rolling. I have come and gone a few times and each time back I have the hope that the experience will be better or different but it hasn't, just the same or worse. Steem has the feeling the homesteading community had, dissipating.

I think it shows their true motive. They had to have been here for the money. Otherwise why would they have left once the payouts lowered? How is it so many people are leaving the platform and people are still on fb? Maybe because they expected money here but over there they know the only thing they are getting out of it is the social part of it?
I don't know. Sometimes people's behaviors baffle me.

I think the points that you've made here are pretty much on the mark.

Sometimes people's behaviors baffle me.

I find myself thinking this exact thing very regularly!

I really am not sure how this hardfork is going to effect the economics of STEEM. I guess I will wait and see. Not much of a poster/content creator myself so maybe I should do more curating.

We shall see what we shall see.

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