A Brief and Honest Perspective of Modern Society

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In this article I want to highlight a few things that I see as noteworthy developments in the structure of society. My goal is to bring awareness to some key issues that we are facing, and hopefully to spark some meaningful discussion. This is mainly a view on modern westernized civilizations.

Is There a Lack of Genuine Connection/Direction?

 We are becoming increasingly connected through technological devices and at the same time becoming less connected to ourselves, the people around us, and the world. Not taking the time to honestly and critically reflect on ourselves and society (especially in a world where distractions lurk around every corner) can have some very severe consequences. 

 As a generalized notion, I think it is fair to say that a lot of people don't have a constructive outlet for their deeply held feelings of discontent (which, let's face it, there are many) so they come bursting out in these strange societal movements like "transgenderism" and "BLM". It seems as though a growing number of people are lost and confused, and whenever the tiniest outlet for self expression emerges, it is furiously embraced and paraded with, which in turn becomes fiercely defended by the supporters, because they see it as the only physical representation for their own deeply felt (often misunderstood?) feelings.

 Has there ever been a time where the dynamics of the human condition have become so complex?.. and at the same time, misrepresentation of the individual so prominent? Have we ever had to sift through such an incredibly dense and far reaching social narrative? It's no wonder we seem to live in an increasingly mad world. The pathway to the truths of life is almost completely blocked with boulders of misinformation and there are very few instructions to guide us through the tumultuous journey.

Forced Conformity Through the Issuance of a Narrow Set of Societal Narratives.

 Go to school, get a job, have some kids, save for old age. How did the act of existing turn into such a taxing and mundane chore? Why isn't there an alternative to the life sucking capitalistic society? What if somebody doesn't want to participate in the perpetuation of an inherently flawed system?

 If you look at the basic constructs of human life; Eating, breathing, shitting, sleeping. Nowhere in there do you find money. So how come our lives are literally ran by something that is not even an essential human need? Money is just a concept. The idea of ownership is an illusion. Nobody actually owns anything... Therefore value is subjective. All you have to do is take a look at the stock market to know that. Prices constantly going up and down, people getting rich or going broke. Lives change drastically when wealth is introduced, but regardless of whether you're rich or poor, the underlying fabric of life stays the same. 

 We have so intricately weaved money into our everyday lives that it seems impossible to imagine life without it... At the same time, few people understand what money is and where it comes from. This is why I find the evolution of cryptocurrency to be such an important step forward for the progress of humanity. If we are going to use money to rule our lives... don't you think WE, as individuals, should be in control of it? Doesn't it seem that money should not be created, centralized, distributed, and controlled by a small number of "elite" individuals? Crytpocurrencies, at the very least, provide an alternative hold of wealth for those who don't wish to participate in the traditional, corrupt financial systems.

Are We in the Process of a Global Revolution?

All over the world we are seeing massive uprisings of people who are fed up with corruption and misrepresentation... The Egyptians overthrowing their president in 2011. The Greek economy collapsing from debt fueled expansion. The Arab spring. Britain exiting the EU. The occupy movement. Anonymous.

 It does seem like we are on the brink of changing the underlying structure of society in a very real way. If you take a look into the world of technology, you will find people creating new systems that are truly beneficial to humanity as a whole. The internet has provided us with the tools to take a peek behind the curtains of institutions, and expose ill intentions. For thousands of years secrets have been held from the public view... But now everything is being laid on the table. This transparency is changing the fabric of society. With such a huge change comes an unprecedented amount of turbulence. 

I think one thing can be agreed upon, regardless of beliefs... We live in a very disruptive and interesting time!

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They are like cattle... worse! they are more astray.
all what people do it follow blindly...

Check my last post out!

Followed you :)

Yes, things are complex as many poeple are lost and confused. Truth is an illusive thing to grasp at time, but ti can be held and understood with enough time, energy, effort, dedication, determination and persistence to seek it.

Take care. Peace. Upvoted.

good stuff , im new at steemit but youve made some good points