🎭 "Life is a Carnival!" 🎭

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Hi my steemians friends!

Today I want to talk about Carnival! Because life is a carnival!

🎉 🎉 🎉


🎭 Carnival

The Carnival is a festive Western Christian and Greek Orthodox season. Generally celebrated in February or early March, carnival involves a public celebration or parade. The inhabitants wear costumes or masks, makeup ... and meet to sing, dance, make music in the streets. It is a convivial and warm moment that allows to modify and shake conventions and social rules. I love it! 😍😍😍


🎭 Origins

The Carnival tradition dates back to the Paleolithic (minus 15,000 to 10,000 BC). It dates from the discovery of "the man in the mask" in the cave of the Three Brothers in Ariège in France. In my country of origin, I'm so proud 😆😆😆!

It is from the Middle Ages that the mask was used as a costume. Then, under the reign of Francis I, this accessory reappeared in the form of the "loup" (from Italy). Under Louis XIV, the ballet artists dancing for the King had a "loup" to masked their faces.


🎭 The modern Carnival

The Carnival has its origins in Europe where it developed before spreading around the world!
Nowadays, carnival masks can range from simple "wolf" to the most elaborate makeup or masks. But their function has remained the same: to hide the faces of the participants to allow them to have fun in complete freedom!


🎭 10 of the world's best carnivals

1- Tenerife Carnival - Spain

2- Venice Carnival - Italy

3- Rio de Janeiro Carnival - Brazil

4- Binche Carnival - Belgium

5- Mardi Gras - New Orleans, USA

6- Cadiz Carnival - Spain

7- Oruro Carnival - Bolivia

8- Nice Carnival - France

9- Trinidad and Tobago Carnival - Trinidad

10- Sitges Carnival - Spain


All source Image - pixabay photo credits

🎭 I am preparing my costume for the Sitges Carnival!!! If you are nice, I will share with you this incredible event! ^^ Stay connected my friends!

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Thank you very much for your support, my sweet followers!

Have a nice day!!!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀

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Last year i have participated at Rio's parade with my husband and friends, was wonderful! Hope you can participate someday, it is and amazing experience. Thanks for sharing the carnival history,


Oh, it's very beautiful. Very bright. The photo carries in itself the energy of joy of life, holiday.

Interesting .. Looks great
Nice post
Thank you for sharing your experience with us‏.

I look forward to seeing your costume.

I love this time of the year the carnival reminds me of my childhood and how fun it was to dress up hahaha ,


Same for me!!! hahahah!!!

Life indeed is a carnival. I agree to that :)

My town celebrate the best carnaval to my country. I'm goin this year, (i'm so happy ) and will take many pict's to my share with my friends in steemit.

Thanks for the information about carnival! This is my first year in Europe (im from New Zealand where we don't celebrate carnival 😥). We are off to tenirefe on Sunday as we heard it is one of the best places for carnival. Does anyone have any recomendations for anything inparticular to see there?

I've been to venice carnival. It will be one memorable day for everyone in. Carnivals bring culture from heart of history to nodern life. Colors and acts... amazing

Life is like a carnival. The cotton candy is all of the sweet things in your life. The carnies are the unwanted junk. The rides represent all of the diversity and choices


Thanks @jahangirwifii for your comment! See you soon! ;)


Welcome..Excited to See you 😍😍

Wow i loved it, nicely captured


Thank you so much !!! =D

awesome article !!
hope u post more

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🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀

Thank you! Beautiful post!

I've actually haven't been to a carnival before despite I have been travelling quite frequently. It's such a shame for me but I will definitely take note of these carnivals so that I wouldn't miss any for my upcoming travels :) Nice photographs :)


You have all your life to go to a carnival! Do not worry! ;)

Very nicely written :) It's always nice to read your blogs :)

Great experienced about carnival!!

My experience is with Mardi Gras, and I have always loved it. Easily one of my favorite holidays. I'd love to go visit the other versions around the world. Be sure to share your costume! My grandmother used to make all of the costumes for the kings/queens of the large mardi gras krewes in New Orleans.

I want to visit any carnival. The person who enjoys it already he knows the moment of this. Maybe the best feelings and moment of life

Muy atractiva tu publicación, y me uno al comentario del amigo venezolano que te acaba de comentar. Es cierto que aquí , en mi país nos gusta la fiesta, y más aún cuando ésta celebra la vida, la alegría.
Noté que al inicio de la publicación escribes afirmando que es una fiesta cristiana occidental, en realidad es primera vez que leo que su origen es cristiano....
Excelente pulicación!!! Saludos desde Venezuela

So .. what will your costume look like ... Do you mind giving us a hint ..... @flamingirl

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Be sure you will find the psychological comfort of that I invite you to visit and follow-up, God willing


Woow acara yang sangat bagus..
Kalau di indonesia karnaval diadakan setiap hari tujuh belasan ( 17) agustus.
Kelihatan sangat cantik cantiK

i like it, it so beautifull,

Nice write about carnival 👍👍
Kudos dear 😘


Thanks my friend!
Saludos de Barcelona! ;)


You are highly welcome dear 😘

I really like your posts that menakjubkan.saya want to follow the way amotifasi enough bagus.terimakasih sharing information is important to me, Angel very cantik..seni incredible.

They have a Mardi Gras event in Mobile Alabama where my daughter lives. Quite an event. They have what they call a King cake there that is just delicious. They put a plastic baby in it to represent the baby Jesus. The person who finds the baby in his piece of cake is blessed with having to buy the cake in the next year.

Thats the best for d city

Hermosas imagenes , aqui en venezuela a pesar de los problemas que hemos tenido nunca perderemos esa tradicion de salir a las calles disfrazados ,porque si hay algo que se le reconoce al venezolano es que nunca nos damos por vencido ,saludos.


¡Me alegra oírlo! Continúa así, ¡es genial! Suerte y larga vida Venezuela !!! 😊😊😊
Muchas gracias por tu commentario amigo Saludos de España 😎


Igualmente amiga , espero poder visitarlos pronto , a españa saludos.

beautiful photos, I follow the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, the parade is always spectacular

Very good, i like post..resteem

Best of momentum to remember historis.

Nice story. thank you for sharing.

life is like carnival .. i agree with you. : )
Thanks for nice captured!

cool avatar :D how did you come up with the best carnivals? what's the criteria? would be good to know for future travels :D

hear some amazing photography....... your thinking is great....you will running create this type posting....i waiting for your next post..


Thanks a lot @rockykhan !!! see you soon ;)!

Wow, didn't know the history or the top spots for carnival. I always assumed just Brazil and New Orleans. Thanks for sharing, @flamingirl.

hello dear flamingirl, I loved your post because was informative and colorful. In my country the carnival is very diferent because the people often to celebrate wetting others is funny for theirs, but I think that in others countries is much better.

Ahh cool! Hope to experience this someday- with a fabulous costume!!


Thanks a lot @polebird !!!

Las imágenes muy buenas y bien esplicito el contenido, te dejo mi voto. Saludos

I am also preparing my costume,i will share it here soon

Another great article. Just a week back we took kids to the carnival. And it was a hell of a experience. Right from the food, stalls, concert to rides. Everything was super cool. I think it was an excellent time to socialize, gather and enjoy !

Did you participate yourself in one?

Here in Cebu Philippines, we have this so called sinulog festival. Your photos are so lively and colorful.

super interesting post. I really want to travel the world one day and i think experiencing different carnivals from around the world gives you a great sense of the culture an traditions places have to offer .

Is Sitges carnival going to be your first carnival to go for the first time? I would love to go to one of these carnivals wearing beautiful costumes and face mask! Sounds so intriguing! Look forward to your next carnival photos!

I've never heard of this before but I think I just added it to my bucket list. the costumes alone are fuckin' GORGEOUS. It sounds like a mushroom trip without the drugs. So many colors and beautiful things in one place at one time. Thank you for showing us some of the beauties around the world we may have yet to uncover.

Nice to see that you've listed my country Trinidad & Tobago as having one of the best carnivals in the world!!

Take a look at the post I wrote about the Ivrea's carnival, in Italy: it is very special, thanks!

Good post.
Mardi Gras should be at #1 :)