Cryptocurrencies can be our savior when we enter into a major financial crisis?

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Hi Steemit family!

Throughout history, humanity has been forced to struggle against difficult periods. The world can be in difficult and troubled days except it is a good day during life. We have to be very strong to deal with such times. When we look at the last century, humanity had to struggle against the bad days in the existing system. In economic language, we have called these bad days the financial crisis. The most important common feature of these days is the increase in the pessimistic feeling intensity seen in the majority of people. When I observed the pessimistic feelings that have increased in the last days, I remembered the past financial crisis in my mind. I ask myself the same question that can we meet again for a similar period.

But I also have another question in my mind. Can we have a chance of salvation this time when will come bad days? How the concept of cryptocurrency contributes to us? And I think the most important thing is that being a community is more important than anything else? In this article, I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Let's examine together.

Bad days in the past

Have a great pessimism around the world. You even remembered the cover of Economist magazine about 2019 year. Many people talk about signs of a major crisis. It is said that this crisis will be a bigger crisis than the 2009 crisis. Many pessimist economists or businessman say that Coming crisis can be as 1929 crisis. So what happened in 1929 and beyond?


Maybe you may have seen this photo somewhere before. It was a photograph that became a symbol of bad events about the 1929 crisis. In the photo, a sad situation of a mother and two children is remarkable. The photograph may not be clearly understood, but the family has become homeless after the crisis and continue to spend their lives in a tent. There have been many such events that year. Many people had to work under inhumane conditions just to get bread. The crisis took about 4 years, but the effects and the events are still remembered more sadly. But what were the factors that triggered such a major crisis?

  • To be ballooning in asset prices

  • Big investors (whales) withdraw their money from the market immediately before the crisis

  • Banks announced as a holiday and people could not reach their money for about 2 weeks.

There are other reasons, but I have mentioned three of the most important things that attracted my attention. I think the most dangerous one here is a bank holiday. At that time, people could not reach their money for a while in such a situation. This has caused people to have a very difficult life. What we do if the same situation is happening nowadays? The other important question is that can cryptocurrencies help us?

The importance of being a community


Cryptocurrencies came out as a destructive technology against the current financial system. With this new financial system, money means that instead of collecting in a certain center, the system will be distributed to everyone who is in the system as it deserves. With Cryptocurrencies, we can now create our own value and produce our own money. This is a very important power for us. But I think that the main strength is being a community. If you have a strong community;

  • People in the community help each other in the worst moments.

  • With the common cryptocurrency created there is the possibility to trade within the community.

  • Each individual can serve a common purpose for the development of the community.

  • Everyone demonstrates their abilities and benefits for the community.

The cryptocurrencies we use without being condemned to the outside system are important to our freedom. But if you're aware, it's not enough. Let's not forget that what is important here is the power of the community and we know the value of our community :)

✍ This article was written by @cryptoewp and @flamingirl.

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Thats really true crypto will create equality .

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Yes, It's the future and we are the pioneers =)

Surely cryptocurrencies could help in the crisis times. Look at Venezuela as they started to use Dash and other cryptocurrencies on a day-to-day basis because their own currency has so huge inflation. And the Greek situation just a few years ago, when they desirely wanted to cash-out their money from ATM´s and they run out of cash, while the banks were closed through weekends. When you own your private keys, you are the owner of the cryptocurrencies and you can use it 24/7. That is the change.

Yes, it's the future! There is nothing left to do but to wait for cryptocurrencies to become more "democratic" and for more businesses to accept payment with cryptocurrencies ... because for the moment it is still sometimes difficult to use them...

That's right, only time will tell (that we had a truth). 👍 The cryptocurrencies are used more and more, some crisis of fiat currencies (like in Venezuela) could make the change even faster, but still the majority is not ready for the change.

Our future 🦋🌈

Buy Silver ....Buy BTC ...and blog what steemit.... I am sure this can help as lot more then banks .

Few Cryptocurrencies shall be a saviour in major financial crisis, only if they have hack proof security.

For Venezuela this is the case it seems to me...

You're right, CRYPTO could be a collective hope, thanks for sharing good JOBS.

You're welcome my friend! =)
Steem on!

hi @flamingirl

Great choice of topic.
I agree with you that financial crisis will definetly bring more attention to cryptocurrencies. Crypto will surely speed up the proces of entering another financial crisis.

Just accidently bumped into your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

big fat upvote on the way! :)

I will follow you closely :)
Take care, Piotr

old fiat currency serve us for so many year. crypto is the future to replace the old system.


Real friendships we make with real people here on Steemit will help us continue to stay active here regardless of prices.

Exactly! That's why I organize Steemit meetings every month or every two months here in Barcelona =)

If only more people could have the guts to wait out the bear market...

Nice article flamingirl! It's a great future - if the world's government's and the powers that be let us get there.... a financial crisis might force the issue....

Cryptocurrency can change our life and it will save from financial crisis but only when we accept it. That means all we start using crypto as the way of payment and our government will also support us then cryptocurrency save and change our life.

Yes! I totally agree with you ! it's the future! There is nothing left to do but to wait for cryptocurrencies to become more "democratic" and for more businesses to accept payment with cryptocurrencies ... because for the moment it is still sometimes difficult to use them...

Thanks I agree with you flame girl

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