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Hey @seha76! Sorry to ping on your post (if there’s a better way of contacting you, don’t hesitate to let me know), but, any chance you'd like to try our new cross platform mobile app? We've added things we feel are missing from steemit like push notifications, user mentions, and chatting with other users. We’re also giving away free STEEM if you invite new users to the app. You can download the app here for iOS:

or here for Android:

Here’s the github if you’d like to audit the code yourself:

We're always looking ways to improve the app, so if you have any feedback feel free to DM me in Vapor!


Good day @five34a4b, you commenting patterns have been brought to our attention at @steemflagrewards as comment spam.

I would advise that you cease from creating comments on users posts that are not relevant to their post as that may be construed as disrespectful to the work they put into their post.

Thank you for understanding.

I understand. However, as I've said on countless other posts, do you have any suggestions as to how I contact other users on the platform if not via their posts? I'm more than happy to use discord if I know their discord username, which is rare, given very few steemit community members use discord as well, so I'm left with no other option than a quick comment.

Also, not everyone is offended by the comments, a great deal of users are grateful that I reached out and love the app, as you can see from my account history. Should I discontinue trying to spread what is clearly good tech to the community, just because 1 person has flagged me for spam?

Copy That

You can send your message through a transfer. The bottom line is the comments add nothing to the discussion of the OP.

That's what this space is supposed to be about; therefore, I would advise you try to keep the comments on-topic as a courtesy.

Good tech doesn't preclude good manners and using other people's comments to promote your own agenda is generally considered at the very least inconsiderate. It will likely end up getting you flagged. It's just the way it is.

You can send your message through a transfer.

You know as well as I do no one looks at the memos in transfers. But, ok, I can blast those out, but you and I would consider that spam too, which will eventually get flagged as well, no?

It's just the way it is.

It's one of the major drawbacks of steemit that I'm trying to fix. It appears as though I may be the only one viewing the inability to communicate with other steemit members directly on the platform as a drawback though.

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