Giving up..?? 😕😣

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Hey!! ...Posting up here my honest thoughts ..Yesterday I wanted so bad to give up on Steemit that it hurt my bones even.I wanted to give up on my stamina and to speak☝😕

Boy..did it hurt thought like.."I will not make it".

I love encouraging others...sadly ,not myself.


Hey! Sometimes things can get hard but Don't give up! Breathe and keep going. Day by day. Step by step.

Thank you.

It can be hard starting on here, I see low-value post getting nice buck, but high quality posts getting close to nothing. Just keep trying and slowly start to get spotted :)

Oh yes i noticed that too!!
But why is that?

Watch some Youtube videos on how Steemit protocol works, the more Steem you have, the more you make essentially. So if you going on to Steem it's long-term, just work hard!!

Hey dude, don't even worry about it!
I know perfectly well how it feels when you work your ass off on a post and nobody appreciates it, but then you create something really fast, unedited,unrefined, definitely not your best thing, and you get undeserved merit. It happens. I guess, the important thing on steemit is to not let the dollar sign influence your current mind state. That's the main problem most of us have here on steemit. Just post as if you'd share something on twitter or facebook. Random thoughts, well written posts, whatever you like, but just make you sure you enjoy making that post, because if you don't, then this is just another shitty penny job that you don't enjoy. Going to resteem this so you can get that extra motivation. Go go go!

Well,yes what you said is true.Thank you for caring;)
Its probably when we are attached to how many votes we think we are going to get from post..this is when things doesnt work


Thanks fir Resteem by the way.I appreciate it.

No problem man