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Hallo stemian this time I will tell a little about my activities, I studied at the polytechnic country lhokseumawe, this is one of the famous college and including the best in lhokseumawe, the majors that I take is civil engineering, and this time I will tell you a little activity we do, on Monday until the next Monday we just enter the laboratory, the building testing laboratory, where we do 3 tests, such as wood testing, mortal testing and the last testing of bricks, and we are the water, the density, the compressive force, the shear force and the durability, it's all we do because it follows the existing curriculum in polytechnics, and we are very excited, because of the experience, and we already know what materials we can use to build a good building , so my story, thank you for reading, may be useful

here's a photo of the material at the moment.

1.wood testing photos.
image mortality test
image image image testing bricks

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