Lockdown Series - Day 14

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A new week is here with us again, and so far so good things are really getting tense over here. But before I move to that, today happens to be Easter Monday and in as much as we are in this crisis of pandemic the government have declared it as a national holiday to be observed as such. Normal on a day like this, there is only one place I do visit but due to the no social gathering rule now and no church meetings it has been cancelled. And we all hope to end covid-19 soon.



Yesterday saw the very worst news that made almost everybody talking and I must say I was in shock too when I saw the news. Many of you do remember at last Saturday night the number of confirmed cases here was 408. But between the hours of late afternoon yesterday, the figures just jumped to 566 confirmed cases with 8 deaths.

Immediately this new figure was released, I saw that almost everywhere was on the halt and people didn’t know what to say for some moment, especially with these groups I have on whatsapp. Normally people will just laugh over the figures and then create all kinds of joke around it then move on. But I could read from the time that the news reached all these groups people’s reactions were very different as I could read a lot of hmm comments.

The whole place was so silent that a sound of pin could be detected if it was a normal floor. Many were so shocked to see the number move such a great height. The addition of 158 new confirmed cases at a go made it so sacred for all, and I could say people suddenly were not in the mood to chat again, but to sit back and think through the situations on ground.

Just to gist you further, the 566 cases confirmed so far is as a result of contact tracing of early individuals who got into the country from overseas and were not really sure they had the virus. So far a total number of 37,954 persons have been tested in Ghana and only 566 of them came out to be positive. It was said in the news that out of these 566 confirmed cases, four people have recovered and discharged to go home after several tests which still showed they were negative now. Five hundred and fifty-two (552) cases have been classified as mild, with only two severe cases.

I know the ministry of health and the Ghana health service are doing all their best to make sure things don’t get out of hand. I really love these sacrifices they are putting in place just to make sure we eradicate covid-19 from our country. We are all now to be a hero by restricting our movements even though job will not allow some of us to stay home, but we are doing our possible best to help out in anyway by practicing safe movements and going through all the core ways of preventing ourselves.

Let me end day 14 of the partial lockdown in some parts of my country, by also say big ups to all individuals, companies, and organizations for the support they keep doing each day. I could really see the togetherness as a country and how they are helping the needy in all lockdown areas.

Thank you for your valuable time today and please stay safe.



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